65 Best Small Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2017


21. Water Refilling Station

The Water Refilling business is another idea that has withstood the test of time. I remember going as far back as 2006 that given the number of water refilling stations, the industry is sure to be at or near its saturation point.

11 years later and more water refilling stations are being put up and appear to experience brisk business. Along the stretch of Saudi Avenue in Paranaque, you can see one water refilling station after another. Every station is busy pumping water into 5-gallon containers.

My one caveat is that prices are coming down at very low levels. In the Paranaque area, 5 gallons of purified water is selling at 25 to 50 Pesos. I have no idea on the margins, but by way of comparison, at nearby Muntinlupa, price ranges from 50 to 60 Pesos.

22. Pet Sitting Business

Another growing industry is Pet Care. While I don’t see the point of dressing up pets, apparently many people do. There are pet owners who treat them like family.

If you have an affinity for animals, this could be a good small business idea in the Philippines for 2017. You should hire licensed dog walkers, groomers and have trusted veterinarians on speed dial.

23. Fashion Accessories

Asians are known for their fabulous fashion sense and Filipinos are among the best representatives. Price is not an issue. Filipinos couldn’t care less if the fashion accessory is 50 Pesos or 500 Pesos. If it looks good, trust the Filipino to accessorize like an expert.

You can look for suppliers of fashion accessories and turn this into an e-commerce business, or you can make them yourself in the privacy of your home.

There are many venues to sell your goods: trade shows, flea markets or as an exclusive distributor.

24. Fitness Trainer

More gyms are opening now than in any other year that I can remember. And many of these are established foreign brands. These gym memberships can be very expensive ranging from 2,500 Pesos to 3,500 Pesos per month. The proliferation of gyms must indicate it is a good business to get into.

If you are passionate and knowledgeable about exercise and fitness, now is a good time to flex those entrepreneurial muscles and become a fitness trainer. You can freelance and offer private, home-based training sessions or work in any of these up and coming gyms.

The best fitness trainers will charge anywhere from 500 Pesos to 1,500 Pesos per hour. I know of fitness trainers who earn more than 100,000 per month.

If you want to become a fitness trainer, you should be certified by a reputable organization such as the American Council of Fitness (ACE), International Sports Science Association (ISSA) or National Strength and Conditioning Association (NCSA).

25. Martial Arts Instructor

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is a fast growing activity. It is a great way to stay in shape and learn self-defense at the same time. There are many MMA gyms in the country. People are always looking for good Martial Arts instructors.

If you are a certified instructor in Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing or Freestyle Wrestling you could offer personalized instruction in the Martial Arts. Brazilian Jujitsu, in particular, is highly in demand.

Be ready to show your credentials and your certification as a licensed instructor in your Martial Art.

26. Coin Laundry

I’ve mentioned the coin laundry before, and this remains a good small business idea in the Philippines for 2017. You can see these coin laundry shops set up in every city.

But for a small business, this is capital intensive. These are not household laundry machines but an industrial type that cost around 300,000 Pesos per unit. Also, you would need one dryer for every 2 to 3 machines.

If you want to set up a coin laundry, you should get partners on board. Make sure you have a location that is near residential complexes such as condominiums or apartments.

27. Food Delivery

Food retail remains a popular business idea, but it is not necessarily a good business idea. Overhead costs in food retail remain high. A better option would be food delivery services.

If you have enough kitchen space and have a flair for cooking delicious home-cooked meals, this could be a terrific small business idea in the Philippines for 2017.

Running the food delivery service from home will cut down overhead costs particularly rent which usually eats up 35% to 40% of your day’s sales.

Filipinos remain price conscious. So if you can price your meals below 100 Pesos, you could have a good number of regular patrons.

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28. Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes are themed boxes where subscribers receive a different set of gifts every month. You could select from a number of categories: books, toys, fashion accessories and health care products among others.

This has not found any takers in the Philippines yet. If you want to start a Gift Box business, you would have to focus your energies on marketing and promoting the idea.

But your market is wide and vast. You can target parents, children, young adults, working women and other segments. All you need to do is become creative in putting together the Gift Boxes.

29. Software App Development

The software app industry is expected to be worth $77 Billion in 2017. People are constantly on the lookout for apps that can make life and work easier and more convenient.

Software app development can be capital extensive. You can design apps that cost no more than $1,000 to make to more complex ones at $250,000. You will need to get funding to get the software app process moving and of course, talented people on your team.

A typical team includes a programmer, the software architect and a market researcher among others.

But if you can get a usable app made, it could be worth good money!

30. Cleaning Services

More Filipino households will require cleaning services because not much has changed by way of annual income. Prices of basic commodities will become more expensive as the price of petroleum products continue to rise.

The plight of dual income families will continue. They will not have enough time to keep the home clean and tidy more so afford steady household help.

You will need to employ trustworthy people and buy industrial standard cleaning equipment and solutions. The last time I checked, cleaning services charge 35 Pesos to 50 Pesos per square meter.

31. Personal Shopper

Properly marketed and promoted, a Personal Shopper business will do very well. It is a convenient way to get shopping done. You have to remember every day some events and occasions are being celebrated.

Also, executives may want to have specialty items purchased for guests or clients. They are not the types who like the experience of mining through selections and lining up at the cashier.

You will have periods of unusually high demand during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and of course, the entire Christmas season.

You can target your services to affluent individuals who are willing to pay a premium for convenience.

32. Events Coordinator

Events Coordinators are indispensable when it comes to organizing activities, especially important occasions. Have you ever been to a wedding without a coordinator? It is not easy without an events coordinator.

If you are a stellar organizer with an eye for detail, a mind for planning and a large network of suppliers, this would be a great small business idea in the Philippines for 2017.

Filipinos love to celebrate everything. With aggressive networking, you can find yourself booked for an entire calendar year.

33. Car Repair and Restoration

A car is one of the most expensive assets you will ever own. The worst part about it is that a car is a depreciating asset. It is subject to wear and tear. More and more people are just looking to repair or restore their car than just buy a new one.

If you know good mechanics and are willing to invest in the latest in repair and restoration equipment, you could have a lucrative business fixing up cars.

If you cannot afford to rent space or if your house doesn’t have room to accommodate a large garage, you should offer home services.

34. Computer Repair and Maintenance

Even if the smartphone now accounts for 65% of online traffic, computers particularly the PC still have a lot of value at home and work.

But they continue to be expensive. You’ll be hard pressed to find a basic PC that costs less than 25,000 Pesos without a monitor!

A computer repair and maintenance business is a godsend for those with a tight budget. You can make around 1,500 to 3,000 Pesos per project depending on a number of repairs to be done.

35. Coffee Shop

The coffee shop has become the ubiquitous establishment for refreshments, snacks, wifi and of course, coffee.

It doesn’t matter which part of the city you go to. You are bound to run into a coffee shop. This is a good small business in 2017 because coffee culture is already deeply entrenched among Filipinos.

For a coffee shop, you need a location with high foot traffic. Food cost of coffee is very low, but you will need to invest in a good espresso maker. If you have a tight budget, a kiosk with an instant coffee dispenser will do just fine!

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