5 Valuable Tips for Small Businesses to Succeed in BPO

In the 1990s, most budding entrepreneurs would look at the fast-food industry as their dream business. The allure of seeing long queues at the cashier, overflowing capacity, and of course, the constant ringing of the cash register is enough to get an entrepreneur motivated to start a fast-food business. Although the restaurant business has definitely

Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the Philippines Story

We’ve been there before; that stolen moment in a day when we find ourselves daydreaming of owning a business. Perhaps we were motivated by an epiphany that whatever we do, we’ll always be wage earners. Our boss will always make more money than us. We may have been influenced by a moment of inspiration to

How to Create a Balanced Team and Individual Rewards Program

It was Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group – an empire of more than 400 companies, including the well-known airline, who said: “Treat people as human beings, give them that flexibility and I don’t think they’ll abuse it. And they’ll get the job done.” Truthfully, recognizing your employees’ exceptional performance through an incentive program is

9 Reasons Why Location Matters in Real Estate

In real estate, the importance of location cannot be overemphasized. If there’s a statement that’s most often uttered in the real estate world, it’s “location, location, location,” and there’s a good reason behind it: this is perhaps the most essential determining factor when you select a home to buy. It’s so important that if you

Negligence or Insider Security Breach?

Data are considered gold in this age of digital information. As long as valuable data exist, there will always be interested parties who will attempt to steal and use these data to exploit other people. Therefore, information security is an important aspect of today’s technology-driven and -powered world. IT security should never be compromised. Statistics