6 Obvious Ways on How to Save for a Home Down Payment

A change in lifestyle, if necessary, should happen when you plan to save up for a down payment. Your goal to become a homeowner will significantly affect your priorities and the way you will spend your money. Let us set things straight and be truly honest. Even if you have more than what you need

How to Book the Cheapest Airline Fare in the Philippines

Most of us want to travel to different places right? Well, I can say that all people want to travel and book the cheapest airline fare they can find. Although some people may say that they do not want to travel to many places, there is at least one place that they certainly want to

5 Poor Money Management Habits that Filipinos Do

Not all Filipinos have the knowledge and information on how to manage their finances. Thus, I summarized the money management habits I got from my experiences during my financial journey. Not only you but also I was guilty about these poor habits. Good thing I realized them when I was younger, and I was able

How To Manage Your Money Wisely with the Jars System

Chinese New Year reminds people very well of how rich they are. One of the best traits of Chinese people is their ability to save and accumulate wealth from small pennies. Do you want to try something new to save up? The jar system of saving has been tested by many. If you want to

6 Budget-Friendly Tricks Anybody Can Try

Economic downturn or not, you’ve probably heard the same thing all your life: “times are tough.” Whether you’re working at a cushy corporate gig or a tiring entry-level job, spending and saving your money wisely has become more important than ever. The sad news is that financial literacy still ranks low among most Filipinos’ priorities