36 Best Online Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2017


13. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most effective strategies for building inbound traffic to your website. With content marketing, you pull people toward your business by consistently crafting great, relevant and engaging content.

To pull off successful content marketing, you need amazing writers who have a working knowledge of keywords. Blogs and articles need keywords at the right density to be found online.

Blogging is the cornerstone of content marketing. Businesses are constantly outsourcing content marketing because they do not have the expertise to do this on their own.

14. Educational Assessment

One thing I hope they would introduce in the Philippines is online educational assessment which is prevalent in Australia. Students sign up then submit their homework, test results for the online teachers to review and assess.

Online tutorials are done, and recommendations are given out. Most of the tutorial centers here only focus on Math and English. Online educational assessment can include other subjects as well.

15. Personal Shopper

Traffic is just getting worse, and with Christmas just a few months away, you should expect the drive home to take longer.

An online personal shopper will be an early Christmas gift for those who do not like pushing through queues or driving around looking for parking space.

You can do this by making arrangements with leading department stores. I believe they will be receptive to extending discounts because you will be encouraging more people to shop.

16. English Tutorial

English Tutorial services continue to grow in demand in the Philippines. A friend of mine has been doing this for four years now, and he has upped his income from 30,000 Pesos to 50,000 Pesos per month! Not bad considering he only works 4 hours in the day.

He is thinking of setting up his home-based center by hiring English tutors and focusing on the marketing aspect instead. Most of his clients are from South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

A good idea would be to offer two options: one-on-one instruction and classroom instruction. Throw in the educational assessment program to improve your value proposition!

17. Accounting Services

Accounting is a necessary aspect of business. I’ve heard many businesses close up simply because they did not track the flow of funds going in and out of their coffers. But accounting can be time-consuming work.

You don’t have to be a CPA to run an accounting service online business. You need good encoders and account managers who are meticulous in detail.

Offer bookkeeping, payroll preparation and accounts/ inventory management among your services. Preparation of financial statements and tax accounting would entail separate charges.

18. Transcription Services

Transcription remains a stable online segment. There are several transcription jobs you can find online. These cover legal, medical, business, close caption and educational.

You do not need to be a certified transcriber to become successful. It is more important to be proficient in written and spoken English. You should know when to use punctuation marks, especially in legal transcription.

Accuracy and timely delivery of text files will assure you of consistent work from clients.

19. Fitness Coaching

If you are interested in getting fit but have no idea of where and how to start, chances are you will sign up for personal training services. But these could be quite expensive.

Why not offer Fitness Coaching online? Some apps offer these services already but having dedicated Fitness Coaching gives the trainee more diversified options.

You can customize training programs, diet and supplement programs. You can help them train at home if they cannot make the drive to the gym. If you plan to do Fitness Coaching, make sure you get certification as a Personal Training. Certification will improve your brand.

20. Virtual Assistance Services

Virtual assistants are alternately referred to as telecommuters, freelancers or home based workers. They are no longer limited to secretarial or personal assistant services.

Today’s virtual assistants can manage more technical services such as accounting, graphics design and CRM administration.

More virtual assistants and agencies offer these services because of rising demand. It is estimated that in 2020, 50% of workforces will be composed of virtual assistants. By hiring virtual assistants, companies save more money without compromising productivity.

If you have organizational skills and have specific competencies, you should consider launching virtual assistance services.

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21. Customer Support Services

Customer support has become a more crucial aspect of business as the Internet grew in prominence. This is because consumers today are more accessible. If you don’t take care of your customers, another competitor can find ways to steal them from you.

If you want to set up customer support services, you should be familiar with HelpDesk, SupportCenter Plus, SalesForce and other customer support programs. In addition to an inbound/outbound number, you should have chat support.

The most important component can put customers at ease while working toward a quick resolution to issues.

22. Business Consultancy

The majority of enterprises set up globally are defined as a small business. Statistically, only 55% of small businesses remain operational within five years.

If you have a track record of guiding small businesses grow past five years, you should set up a website on business consultancy. You can retail modules and e-books; offer personalized coaching, webinars, and monthly retention packages.

23. Data Entry Services

In this day and age of Big Data, more companies need their data collected, mined and entered. This is work that is popularly outsourced by many businesses. It is time-consuming and can be tiring.

You can set up a team of data encoders so you can capitalize on the volume of work. As the proprietor, you should focus on marketing your services to various companies.

24. Freelance Writing

Writing is one of the first skills we learn as soon as we can hold a pencil. But not everyone can write great engaging content.

As a freelance writer, you can offer writing services for blogs, articles, resumes, e-books, research papers, scripts, social media posts, web copy, marketing copy and other projects that need content.

Your website should have access to your portfolio.

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