111+ Best Small Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2017


31. Food Delivery Business

Many Filipinos want to open a food business because they believe it is sure money. What they don’t know is that the cost of running a restaurant is very high. The main culprit is rent.

With a food delivery service, you no longer have to worry about rent. Or even if you factor in your home kitchen as an expense, it will not cost as high as the rent charged in malls.

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Come up with food that is affordable; 100 to 180 Pesos, good quality with generous portion sizes. Or charge higher for premium food such as healthy fare.

One of the more interesting concepts I came across was a service that promoted itself as “cook to order.” They advise customers to call 2 hours in advance to ensure food quality.

32. Graphic Design Business

Businesses are also looking for talented graphic designers who can develop original brand images, logos and marketing collaterals for them.

You can also find work with web designers who want to consult on the use of graphics. This is a popular job in freelancer sites.

33. Event Planning Business

Everyday events are happening all over Metro Manila. Weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and company gatherings to name a few; and they all could use an event planner.

As an event planner, you must be patient, analytical, creative and have high-level organizational skills. You should have exceptional people skills. Clients can be overbearing at times.

This can be a very stressful job. But if you don’t mind the long hours and occasional travel, you could have a booked calendar for 2017.

34. Clothes Alteration Business

The combination of a strong US Dollar and high oil prices means one thing: It’s become more expensive to buy new clothes now.

More Filipinos are opting to have their old clothes particularly jeans altered to look good as new. You can set up a small alteration shop in your home and hire 1 good cutter/ tailor. If you want to rake in the business, have the clothes altered in 24 hours.

35. T-Shirt Printing Business

If there is one fashion article that never goes out of style, it’s the t-shirt. Filipinos love wearing t-shirts because they are comfortable. Customized printing makes the t-shirt more unique.

Offer custom services or allow customers to submit their own design. A novel approach would be to offer hand drawn t-shirts. That really makes each design unique!

36. Golf Instructor

If you have the skills of a golf professional, you can actually teach golf at home using a Golf Simulator. This is sold as a package and comes with the software, a safety net, projector and tarp-like material which serves as your target.

Based on your shot, the simulator will compute distance, direction and show you where your virtual ball landed on the fairway. You can play an entire round with the Golf Simulator.

This can be quite expensive; the cheapest one may cost you $2,500 and the higher end simulators can reach up to $20,000! But you know how Filipinos love golf. With a Golf Simulator, Filipinos can play golf even during typhoon!

37. Acting Coach

As a country that remains enamored with celebrity, thousands of Filipinos dream of becoming the next “Idol”. You see parents bringing their kids to countless auditions hoping the next one will open doors to tinsel town.

Some people end up being better coaches than actors. If you’re one of them, you might just find the next superstar.

First, you need to establish your credibility. You should be a trained professional; well-educated on the fine points of acting. Second, you should have the credentials to back up your claim. And third, you should enjoy working with people.

38. Transcribing Business

Transcription continues to be an in-demand skill in outsourcing. The Philippines is one of the premier destinations for transcription because of our high level of English proficiency and literacy rate.

To become a transcriber, you should take a 3-month course on transcription. You should also invest in a dependable PC with a reliable headset and a pedal to control the speed of audio.

Your income will depend on your speed and accuracy. Good transcribers or those with an accuracy of above 92% and can manage 1,000 lines per day can earn around 50,000 Pesos per month.

39. English Instructor

This is another in-demand outsourced skill in the Philippines. We are well-renowned for our ability to read, speak and write English. Students from South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan spend months learning English from Filipino teachers.

To become an English instructor, you must pass TOEFL or Test of English as First Language. Before you start your own business, it would be best to get some experience by working for a company. On average, English instructors are paid 30,000 Pesos per month.

40. Dance Teacher

Another activity that Filipinos love is dancing. If you have rhythm and the experience to teach different forms of dance, this could be a fun career for you.

You just need to dedicate a large enough area in your house with great acoustics and ventilation. Open up your school for kids, teens and even those in their golden years. You may have to hire 1-2 assistant instructors if your business picks up sooner than expected.

41. Singing Coach

Filipinos are great singers! We have produced world class talent that has won many competitions or starred in successful shows on Broadway.

As a singing coach, you can help others fulfill their dreams. Similar to an acting coach and dance teacher, you should have the credentials and the experience to share your knowledge with others.

You will need to dedicate a room in your house with great acoustics. If possible do a bit of sound proofing and invest in good quality recording equipment.

42. Music Teacher

If you are a gifted musician, you can make good money sharing your talent with others. People want to learn music for different reasons but it can be a daunting challenge to become proficient in an instrument.

You can set up a small studio in your home. It should have fantastic acoustics, a variety of instruments and recording equipment. In addition to teaching, you could also rent your studio to aspiring bands.

43. Yoga Instructor

Filipinos are slowly embracing more low impact forms of exercise such as Yoga. Definitely, you need certification as a Yoga instructor. Being a self-taught expert is not enough. You should go through the process of becoming a licensed instructor.

Filipinos love Yoga because it helps them relax and is a great way for toning the body. As a certified instructor, you can charge the big bucks! Those will less experience charge 700 Pesos per hour while the tenured ones will charge 1,500 Pesos and higher. Offer discounts for group classes.

44. General Cleaning Services Business

As busy as Filipinos are many homeowners don’t have time to clean their houses as often as they would like. Homes that are not kept clean on a regular basis will expose its residents to a variety of health risks.

General cleaning services are a godsend to these homeowners. They will usually have their homes cleaned thoroughly twice a month. A typical charge is 15 to 35 Pesos per square meter but it would depend on the location. For more affluent villages, some service providers charge up to 40 to 50 Pesos per square meter.

You should have a steady supply of industrial-strength cleaning solutions, equipment and a steam cleaner for carpets, mattresses and upholstery. You may also have to hire 3 to 4 assistants to help conduct the cleaning.

45. Barber Shop Business

I see more homeowners converting part of their house into a barber shop. People get a haircut once a month. A good barber is hard to come by. If yours constantly produce awesome results you could have a business that generates steady income every month.

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Let’s do the math. If you have four barbers and your shop runs 8 hours a day with one customer per barber per hour, at 60 Pesos per haircut, you could potentially generate 57,600 Pesos per month.

Throw in additional services such as shampoo, hair dye, massage, ear cleaning and manicure, and you could bring in good money every month.

46. Home Massage Services Business

Mobile massage services are also becoming increasingly popular. All you need to do is to look at the newsletters being circulated in your village or supermarket. Almost 90% of the ads are in home massage services.

Depending on the type of service, rates can start out at 199 Pesos per hour. You should have good masseurs onboard who are certified and highly trained to provide massage services.

47. Coffee Shop Business

This is another popular side business of many homeowners. You can see them along the busy streets of your subdivision. The sala or lanai has been converted into a coffee shop.

Coffee is a low food cost item. Arabica coffee beans will cost around 200 Pesos per kilo from a direct supplier. A cup of coffee needs around 35 grams of ground Arabica beans or food cost of 7 Pesos. Factor in sugar, cream, and filtered water and the food cost of coffee will not even reach 10 Pesos. Yet, many sell theirs for 50 Pesos!

You will have to invest in a good espresso maker and contract a good consignor for pastries and cakes.

48. Pest Control Services Business

Pest Control is a service that is required by homes at least once a month. You can also offer your services to commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels, motels and offices.

Before starting out in pest control, take certification courses and be ready to invest in industrial grade equipment and solutions. Your services should cover all types of pests: rats, roaches, mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

49. Carinderia Business

This is a popular small business in the Philippines. You can find them everywhere. But you don’t have to set it up in your house. You can bid to become the consignor in buildings, schools, and offices.

It’s not enough that you can whip up tasty dishes. Your menu should appeal to the average Filipino, and it must fit their budget. Most of all, you should always keep your place clean and free of pests.

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50. Digital Print Shop Business

Even in this age of online marketing, companies particularly those involved in real estate and consumer goods still have traditional marketing collaterals made. These collaterals include flyers, streamers, and posters.

The investment could be expensive especially if you are buying a high grade, high-resolution digital printing services. So you will have to network extensively to get clients.

51. Equities Trading Business

One of the best ways to create wealth is to invest it in equities. There are always opportunities in equities even in bear markets. The key is having a system that helps you identify buying and selling opportunities.

As a trader you must have the following qualifications:

  • SEC licensed; you must take a test.
  • Proficient in Fundamental Analysis; these are the news, indicators on the economy and financial statements.
  • Proficient in Technical Analysis; this involves chart reading, knowledge on technical indicators such as Relative Strength Index (RSI), Stochastics and moving averages.

You can set up a consulting website where you can offer one-on-one financial advice and post your picks of the day. You can charge per hour, offer monthly consultation packages or profit sharing options.

52. Piggery Business

If you have a farm or an ideal backyard location that meets city government requirements, a piggery could be a money-making small business idea in 2017.

Be prepared to invest in a pig shelter, feeds and it would be a good idea to have an in-house vet to keep track of the animals’ health. It may take a while to earn as you have to wait for the pigs to be at the right size, but you can be assured of a steady market for your product.

53. Generator Rental Services Business

As the Philippines continues to experience a power supply deficit, expect constant demand for generator rental services. Businesses will lose money for every hour work is disrupted. Residences will be looking for ways to cope with the heat.

Start out with 2-3 generator sets that vary in capacity. Smaller generators which are ideal for home use should be able to power an air-conditioner, a few lights, and the refrigerator. If you have the means to offer larger generators, construction companies would be viable targets.

54. Uber Driver

Uber is getting more popular in the Philippines. With public transportation a hopeless cause, commuters are thankful that getting a taxi is as easy as downloading an app.

To become an Uber driver, you must pass the qualifications of the company. First and foremost is your car must not be more than three years old. Second, you must have a valid driver’s license, and third, you should own a smartphone.

If you don’t own a car, you can become a driver for an Uber partner. As an Uber driver, you are assured of having a steady clientele. Your ability to earn would depend on your “drive” to succeed. It is up to you to accept a request for transportation.

55. Dog Breeding Business

The first time I heard of dog breeding was in early 2000. I had a friend who was breeding pit bulls. He said it was a lucrative business but you have to invest in championship quality dogs.

Fast forward some 10 years later and I meet people who breed different types of dogs: Pugs, English Bulldogs, Shih Tzu’s are the popular varieties. They tell me it is better to buy pups from breeders because they are raised in wonderful and more humane conditions. An English bulldog can fetch a price of 30,000 Pesos.

56. House Flipping Business

Buying an old house offers you better profit margins than a new one. In addition to the value of the land, the structure is already set and the fixtures are usually of better quality than newer homes.

This is the allure of house flipping; the business of buying an old home, renovating it then selling it for profit.

House Flipping is a team effort. You will need a realtor, an interior designer or an architect and an engineer. If you don’t have capital, you would need a financier. But you can make incredible money from house flipping if you can find great value property and stay within the renovation budget.

For example, you can find old houses in Paranaque for 3 Million. The budget for renovation is usually 25% of the acquisition cost. But then, there are buyers willing to pay 5 to 6 Million for a renovated home in a good location.

The catch is, you have to sell the house within four months otherwise the perceived value starts to drop.

57. Party Supplies Business

This is a popular small business idea in the Philippines. Years ago I attended a children’s party at a fast-food restaurant. I had a chance to talk to the supplier of all the party supplies: hats, balloons and loot bags.

She said she used to buy in Chinatown, but as the business grew, she flew them in from China. The quality was much better, there was more variety, and it was much cheaper. Because her supplies were unique, many fast-food restaurants contracted her for their children’s parties.

Start out by buying from local suppliers just to get a feel for the business. You may have to bring down your prices to get more customers but your first priority is to develop a regular clientele. If you are regularly generating business, you can outsource supplies to improve margins.

58. Entertainment Booth Rental Business

Parties today are much different than they were 5 to 10 years ago. It used to be that the focus was on the food. It seems that more party hosts are dedicating more resources to creating the ultimate guest experience.

You can find karaoke booths, photo-me stands and gaming areas in birthday parties and wedding receptions. According to the event organizer, the hosts just rent these booths from local suppliers.

Entertainment booth rentals are regular income generators. You don’t need much manpower to oversee them. Start out with the popular ones then add new booths to keep the mix interesting.

59. Retailer of Indigenous Products

The Philippines is home to so many wonderful indigenous products which are inexplicably available only during trade shows.

I love attending these trade shows because I can get my fill of indigenous fruit wine, jam, peanut butter, turmeric tea and the smooth tasting Civet coffee. What I’ve learned is to indulge my craving for Vigan longanisa only from these trade shows. Nothing tastes better than the original!

There is a market for these products locally and in abroad. Civet coffee for one is in demand in North America. These products are organic and healthier than the ones you find in supermarkets.

If you become a retailer, you will offer highly differentiated products from your competitors.

60. Insurance Business

In my opinion, getting insurance is more important today than ever before. With worsening weather conditions and the threat of “The Big One,” you should always make sure your house is insured.

The same goes for cars. Traffic will only become worse. It is estimated there will be 500,000 cars plying the EDSA route in 2020. It becomes riskier to take your car out. Thus, make sure it is likewise covered by insurance.

You can become an insurance agent, and you may find it easier to get clients. To become an agent, you must be licensed. You can also offer educational and life plans.

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