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Tramigo is pleased to offer endless business opportunities!

Tramigo T23 Fleet Management Product Series is available in the Philippine market with full support, perfect for Fleet Management and Car Security at amazingly low prices.

Tramigo T23 Vehicle Tracker is the most advanced and best-selling GPS vehicle security product for personal use and fleet management in the world. It’s the only tracker embedded with a 24-month warranty and is embedded with Philippine landmarks. I am fortunate to be one of the firsts to get this amazing product.

Tramigo T23 Fleet Management Product Series is also excellent for existing fleet service providers and Cross-Border Fleet Management and Government Security, because it includes FREE M1 Fleet Enterprise Server Software for Fleet Service Providers or Large Fleet Owners.

I love the fact that Tramigo has developed a special M1 Fleet Enterprise Server Online/Offline Edition. This allows setting up of a Fleet Control Center for large fleets with or without Internet or by simultaneously using offline and online tracking. It is possible now to control over any business with no license fees or possibility server shutdowns.

M1 Fleet Enterprise Offline Edition is used by various security professionals around the world including police, armies, vehicle recovery service providers, and other private/public security focused operations. OEM Program has full re-branding rights for vehicle tracking/fleet management service providers.

Tramigo T23 Series is a new era of fleet tracking for transportation industry. It has a user-friendly tracking without any online access or visual mapping anywhere in the Philippines. For transportation business, this means a new era, that is, this is the first in tracking industry.

The transporters can enjoy embedded alarms, such as road, country, city, and check point alarms, thereby making these critical geo-fence alarms really REAL TIME. This technology is unique because these intelligent alarms are NOT server based but rather embedded into Tramigo T23 Fleet Series Firmware, which utilizes our patent in Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD) Landmarks mapping standard.

Tramigo T23 Fleet Management Series product features includes highly advanced embedded firmware with massive range of features. TLD is preinstalled in the Philippines with extended TLD features, namely,  M1 Fleet – Standalone PC Software, Small- and Medium-Sized Fleets, and Security Operations.

These product features work with any PC. The following are also available: M1 Fleet Enterprise – Server/Client Software for Large Fleets and Fleet/Recovery Service Providers (Online and Offline Edition Available); M1 Move – Mobile Fleet Management (Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Java);  4 inputs, 3 outputs, which are configurable by user for different applications; 3-axis linear accelerometer for driver profiling; solid case for direct installation with robust connectors – power and I/O combined; GPRS support for sending reports to a user defined server; multiple language support; and extended memory capacity for track logs and historical information.

Tramigo also offers Tramigo T23-24V Heavy Vehicle Edition, which is specifically designed for 24-volt heavy machines, trucks, and other 24V systems. It also comes with a custom-built voltage regulator that shields the tracking unit from potential damage.

A 24V system may send voltage surges through the system that may damage the tracking devices’ sensitive electronics. Given that this product is built specifically for T23, the voltage regulator protects the tracker from power spikes, thereby ensuring reliable performance compared with trackers not designed for heavy vehicle use.

Tramigo’s custom-built 24 V intelligent immobilizer is compatible with 24 V systems and allows remote vehicle ignition and engine shut down in addition to vehicle power and external sensor connections.

All that is needed to start tracking is a prepaid or postpaid SIM card.

Now, you can start your own business and join the Tramigo Partner Family! Simultaneously increase your earnings and earn reputation as a reliable tracking product reseller or as a fleet management service provider!

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