The Beginner’s Guide On How To Sell Your Services Online

You have the experience and the expertise – but do you know how to sell services online? If you’ve built an impressive track record of delivering client results, selling your services online can be a great way of monetizing those abilities. The Internet offers a sea of opportunities for selling business consulting, coaching, and subscription

4 Reasons To Find A Side Hustle

Side hustles are all the rage right now. In major parts of the world, the gig economy continues to rise and is well on its way to completely transforming the modern workforce. But for many Filipinos, this side hustle thing is no new or passing trend. Filipinos have been working a “raket” (or three) long

4-Step Checklist to Getting Started on Freelancing Full Time

Dr. Atul Gawande, a surgeon, public health speaker, and New York Times bestselling author of the book, “The Checklist Manifesto”, argues that checklists dramatically increase effectiveness and reduces errors when conducting complex tasks or activities. Case in point: In 1935, Boeing unveiled its latest aircraft bomber, the B-17. It was the most advanced and complex

How to Become a Freelance Journalist

A passionate journalist enjoys research, interviewing people for articles, reading the news stories and thinking of ideas for new articles to send to an editor. If you have a talent for writing and investigating a career in journalism might be the right work opportunity. Here are steps to help develop your career as a journalist

7 Success Tips for Communicating and Keeping Clients in 2018

After dedicating hard work to completing assignments, applying for new freelance jobs and making phone calls you have a list of interested clients. The skill of finding clients is easy but building relationships to establish an assignment that will last for the entirety of your career requires work and dedication. Now, what do you do?