10 Ways Outsourcing Can Save You Money

Before the emergence of the current technological boom, larger companies have been able to leverage their position on top through outsourcing. But now the world is connected in such a profound way that small businesses tend to gain the most advantages from outsourcing. Most notably, saving money is where the real advantage lies with outsourcing.

How to Create a Balanced Team and Individual Rewards Program

It was Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group – an empire of more than 400 companies, including the well-known airline, who said: “Treat people as human beings, give them that flexibility and I don’t think they’ll abuse it. And they’ll get the job done.” Truthfully, recognizing your employees’ exceptional performance through an incentive program is

Chinese Business Gift Ideas to Give and Avoid

Gift giving has always been a part of Chinese culture. However, like most individuals in Asian countries, Chinese people are very traditional. Although offering gifts is an act of friendship and generosity, lavish presents can sometimes appear to some as a form of bribery. Therefore, if you plan to give a gift to a Chinese

5 Untold Rules of the Employee Hiring Process

May 10, 1998. Mother’s Day. One of the most beloved dates in the calendar year, as we honor the person who birthed and raised us unselfishly. For restaurants, Mother’s Day takes special meaning because of the extra rings generated by the cash register. We had just launched our restaurant a week earlier and truth be

5-Step Process on How to Hire an Employee

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, or from where you graduated. You cannot build a successful business on your own. You may attain a level of distinction single handedly. However, to grow a business, you have to achieve scale, which requires people. I’ve been working for 24 years. I’ve been on both