Negligence or Insider Security Breach?

Data are considered gold in this age of digital information. As long as valuable data exist, there will always be interested parties who will attempt to steal and use these data to exploit other people. Therefore, information security is an important aspect of today’s technology-driven and -powered world. IT security should never be compromised. Statistics

6 Ways to Be Successful in Your Rental Property Business

Ask most experts, and they’ll say it’s a sound financial strategy to own assets that generate income as opposed to assets that mostly yield expenses. This appropriately applies to real estate, as property purchase to be rented out generates more consistent amount of income compared to when it is limited to personal use or kept

5 Valuable Lessons I Learned on Becoming an Entrepreneur from Archie King

Featured image courtesy of Archie King’s family. There are events that happen in our lives, which leave an indelible mark. We never forget what we were doing the exact time it happened. When I received a word from a friend that entrepreneur Archie King passed away last July 5, 2015, I had just come from

5 Must-Do Cyber Security Initiatives for Your Business Today

Cyber security is a serious issue for businesses nowadays. The advancement of web and technology results in the progress of the skills of cons and hackers who can penetrate even the most secure online security system. Start-ups and small businesses think that hackers only try to breach the security of large multinational companies. Hence, they

5 Life Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur

My work experience has traversed several industries: finance, sales, research, human resources, food retail, and finally outsourcing. I started working in 1991, but I did not become an entrepreneur until 2006. It was a small business; I owned and operated an automatic cell phone loading machine in Makati. It was not rewarding financially but I