10 Reasons to Chase Your Dream Not the Money

There is a difference between doing something out of want and out of need. When you want to do something, you are fueled by an inner force to fulfill your dream. When you need to do something, there is an external force that is motivating you to move. Now, what happens when that external force

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy When You Fail

Failure sets you up for success. That is why you should be happy when you fail. I look at failure as earning a degree in the university of life. It is a current reality. You will mistakes. You will fail. You will lose. That is the absolute truism in life. So what will you do

10 Toxic Types of People You Should Keep Out of Your Life

Without our friends and family, who do we have? At the end when everything else is lost, you will only have your friends and family behind you. But how many will actually be WITH you? The definition of “Friend” is largely abused. If not why do you have relationships with toxic people whom you should

7 Business Failure Stories that Turned into Success Stories

Behind every man’s success is his greatest failure in life. No one can take away one from another because these are intertwined with fate already. Imagine if Michael Jordan wasn’t rejected in his high school basketball team, do you think he’ll strive harder and become the greatest sportsman of all time? There are a lot

10 Motivational Quotes for Success to Learn from Inspirational People

One of the things on my bucket list is to go to Philadelphia and run up the steps of Philadelphia Museum of Arts at full speed. When I get to the top, I will raise both arms over my head and jump around like I had just beaten Apollo Creed. Rocky is my all-time favorite