How to Make Better Business with the Internet of Things

Being connected is crucial to running a successful business, but connectivity goes beyond the Internet. The physical world around you is constantly producing data, but only with sensors can you harness that information to create the most efficient business or office space. The process of connecting physical objects together using digital is often known as

Negligence or Insider Security Breach?

Data are considered gold in this age of digital information. As long as valuable data exist, there will always be interested parties who will attempt to steal and use these data to exploit other people. Therefore, information security is an important aspect of today’s technology-driven and -powered world. IT security should never be compromised. Statistics

5 Must-Do Cyber Security Initiatives for Your Business Today

Cyber security is a serious issue for businesses nowadays. The advancement of web and technology results in the progress of the skills of cons and hackers who can penetrate even the most secure online security system. Start-ups and small businesses think that hackers only try to breach the security of large multinational companies. Hence, they

7 Practical Mobile Apps for the Sharp Entrepreneur

Whatever industry you’re in right now, you’ll be surprised how helpful a smartphone or tablet can be to your daily routine. Given the vast market of free apps that you can now download, a well-equipped smartphone can do wonders for your productivity and workflow. Here, we present a handful of practical apps that can take