7 Powerful Tips to Make a Social Media Bio That Impacts

No matter what app or platform you’re using, writing a bio or profile description is one of the hardest things you’ll need to do. From your Tinder bio to your company’s Twitter description, it’s hard to write about yourself and get it sounding right and creating the impression you want to create. After all, people

How To Write An Effective Social Media Bio

Your social media bio is your chance to leave a good first impression. It’s your chance to grab attention. Different platform have different limitations but one thing’s for sure – writing a social media bio is an art form. You have to fit all of the most important things about you in as little as

12 Ways to Maximize Social Media for Events in the Philippines

In an age when campaigns and brands are being launched at a rapid rate like never before, it is very hard to tell which ones will actually last and leave a mark to customers. Whether online or offline, the challenge for brands today is to go beyond brand awareness and instead, embed an indelible emotional

5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Matters To Get Your Dream Job

How do you look for a job? Do you have apps installed on your mobile phone? Is it through a friend? Did you attend a job fair? Or, are you a walk-in applicant? If you have a LinkedIn account, then it may have been the other way around for you. You may have experienced a

Why Your Business Should Start Using Google Plus

Let’s admit it; some marketers tend to think that social media platforms are factors in their SERP. If you are one of them, now’s the time to erase that thought. Your posts on social media do not directly impact your SERP. Social media sites are channels that drive users to your website. Yet, if there