6 Tips to Manage Your Finance Once You Get Your First Job

A massive milestone in your young life is when you land your first job. That first paycheck is memorable, and what you spend it on can be as well. When you first get paid, it will be a celebration. But you do not want every paycheck to be a party. You want to be smart

4 Big Ways Saving Small Creates a Happy Married Life

In an age where studies reveal millennial couples are more likely to talk about money than ever, there should be no problem in merging marriage and finances. Right? And yet, even with these facts, research shows that fights about money are still one of the most repetitive and salient argument topics between married couples. So

How to Reduce Your Home Office Costs

Running a small business from a home office presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. If it’s planned right, a well-run home-based business can become just the springboard needed to grow a small company into a powerful force in the market. One of the best ways to help ensure success with any small business is to

4 Ways to Save Money for Your Dream Business in the Philippines

So, you have this bright business idea that you know would yield good ROI but can’t get started because you don’t have the money. Raising a start-up capital for a business is one of the major hindrances that many entrepreneurs face. For some business-minded people, however, they use it as an excuse to get started.

20 Financial To Do’s Before You Hit 30

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking, “Had I known then what I know now”? This article could have been penned, “A Letter to My Younger Self”. I am almost two decades removed from 30. Although I made a conscious effort to manage my finances at an early age, my approach could have been better. This