How to Start an Online Business in the Philippines

For first-time Filipino entrepreneurs, starting an online business in the Philippines is the best option to gain experience in managing an enterprise. It does not require much capital, and the risks associated with running an Internet-based business are manageable. As with all businesses, there is great potential for income, and this directly corresponds with your

The Real Cost of Starting a Small Business in the Philippines

Every person who experienced a regular full-time job in the Philippines surely, at some point in his/her 9-to-5 schedule, has thought to start a small business. We get moments of inspiration—an innovative idea that can change the world. We also get moments of desperation—the realization that we’re one day behind our deadlines! Either way becomes

10 Steps on How to Start a Small Business in the Philippines

“I want to start a small business.” It’s probably the most popular declaration after “I want to lose weight.” I think most people see a new career as a metaphor for a new beginning just like weight loss. However, starting a small business is not the same as changing jobs. It is a declaration of independence,

5-Step Process on How to Hire an Employee

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, or from where you graduated. You cannot build a successful business on your own. You may attain a level of distinction single handedly. However, to grow a business, you have to achieve scale, which requires people. I’ve been working for 24 years. I’ve been on both

5 Essential Business Permits and Licenses in the Philippines

Many Filipinos are currently not contented with working for someone, so they chase the dream of being their own boss and opening up their own businesses. However, starting a business in the Philippines is not a walk in the park. Many things should be first accomplished. An example is obtaining business permits and licenses. Licenses