10 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs


6. Poor Content Quality.

Another area on which entrepreneurs fall short is content quality. Search engines, such as Google, have strongly emphasized consistent delivery of great content to boost websites up the search rankings.

However, what qualifies a great content? It should be:

  • Fresh
  • Unique
  • Relevant
  • Engaging
  • Compelling

Poor content quality happens not because entrepreneurs cannot write or craft a great content. Their problem is time. There are only 24 hours in a day, and 18 of these hours are spent awake managing myriad tasks and responsibilities for home and work.

Time and effort are necessary to craft a great content. We have not even discussed the importance of frequency. Publishing a great content is not enough. You have to frequently publish them in social media and other channels to boost your online presence.

Blogging is a very powerful tool to use in digital marketing. The statistics on the effectiveness of blogging are overwhelming. If you do not have the time or experience to write compelling blogs, you should hire someone who does.

7. Taking Shortcuts.

As mentioned previously, digital marketing techniques, such as SEO, require a specialized instruction. SEO is a highly effective strategy to have your website found. However, it takes the experience to get it done properly.

Entrepreneurs who have a working understanding of SEO may take shortcuts or may disregard acceptable protocols to get immediate results. In the last few years, advocates of SEO have been severely criticized for two practices:

  • Keyword usage
  • Link building

Keywords are a critical component of SEO. These are the most frequently used words by Internet users when making a query. SEO uses keywords when crafting content. In theory, if a content contains keywords, it will frequently appear in the search results.

Thus, some entrepreneurs resort to keyword stuffing, a practice wherein a blog is inundated with so many keywords that the content loses relevance, direction, and coherence.

Link building is a process designed to increase website visibility by linking to another website. By doing so, you increase exposure and enhance your reputation as a resource as new markets discover you.

However, some entrepreneurs build links that have no relevance to their content just to increase visibility. Imagine visiting a website for health and fitness, then clicking on to a link that takes you to a website retailing cigarettes. There is no relevance. The only benefit is that the cigarette retailer gets increased viewers.

Entrepreneurs should not take shortcuts and remain mindful of digital marketing best practices.

8. Failure to Consistently Track and Measure Performance.

Another great feature of digital marketing is that it can be tracked and measured with online analytics.

As discussed, markets are dynamic; they can evolve, change, and render your current digital marketing plan useless and obsolete. Online Analytics enables you to track results and performance by having access to important data.

These data include the following:

  • Where your audience is coming from
  • What types of content interests them the most
  • Which types of content generate the highest levels of engagement
  • How long do visitors stay on your website
  • Which calls-to-action yield the best results

These are important because it gives you the basis to improve your digital marketing strategy. You’ll have an idea on the online behavior of your market. You can also effectively conceptualize strategies that conform to the wants and needs of your market.

9. Improper Use of Images and Videos.

It is easy to understand why entrepreneurs gravitate toward stock photos and images. These images are professionally done and are of good quality. Photography is a skill not all people have. There are those who have the gift to tell a story through images. This is enough reason to use these images on a blog post or as a website content.

However, the problem is that these pictures and images are not original. The very same pictures you used for your blog page can very well be sitting on the blog page of the website of a competitor.

An option is to pursue customized images. These customized images represent you for who you are. These images can also give viewers an accurate description of what your business is all about. A customized image is a unique content required by search engines for a high search ranking.

Some entrepreneurs also fail to capitalize on the value of a video. Consumers are always enticed by videos more than text or images. Zappos, one of the world’s biggest online retailers, claims that using videos increased their sales from 6% to 30%.

Invest in customized images and videos by contracting professionals to do the job. Again, if you want your digital marketing program to succeed, avoid taking shortcuts.

10. Overlooking the Value of Traditional Marketing Methods.

All throughout this e-book, it may seem that traditional marketing has been disparaged as a “dinosaur” or a “relic” in the world of marketing.

However, the truth is that traditional marketing still has a place in a marketing campaign. It remains effective because consumers are familiar with it. This is why you still see restaurants and sales-based businesses, such real estate, continue to distribute flyers and to spend on billboards, radio, print, and TV advertising.

If you have a limited budget, you should be selective. You should also approach your traditional marketing with a purpose. Instead of spending money on flyers, posters, banners, streamers, press releases, and advertorials, why not allocate a significant amount of money on marketing brochures?

Then, adapt traditional networking strategies, such as attending business forums, trade shows, networking events, roundtable discussions, and focus groups and joining relevant organizations. You will not only have venues to present your value proposition but also maximize the distribution of your marketing brochures.

Your approach to marketing should be holistic. It should cover as much ground and markets as you can, but the bulk of the focus should remain on digital marketing.

Fix These Mistakes and Take Your Business to The Next Level.

There is no question that entrepreneurs who are desirous of taking their business to the next level should include digital marketing as part of their development plan.

However, entrepreneurs should also realize that digital marketing is a process that requires time to bear fruit. Time is a commodity not many entrepreneurs have in abundance. In the overall scheme of a business development plan, time is best allocated to functions that fit the strengths and competencies of entrepreneurs.

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An entrepreneur can always learn and acquire the skills needed to implement a digital marketing campaign successfully. However, asking assistance from a capable and experienced digital marketer is practical and effective while you learn the skills needed in digital marketing.

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