This Entrepreneur Sold Off His Business For $54 Million To Go On A Permanent Vacation with His Family


I bet you will also choose to sell everything you own to go on a holiday with your family for the rest of your life, right? Here’s an exciting story of success and happiness in life.

Garett Gee from Utah is a 25-year-old tech millionaire. He sold a mobile scanning app, Scan, to Snapchat last year for $54 million.

However, that’s not all. They have also sold most of the possessions including a Land Rover worth $48 million.

The main reason why he sold everything? So he can have a six-month vacation to travel the world with his wife and their two young kids.

However, it appears that it didn’t end up to be a six-month since it has been stretched to nine months now. Who knows? It might just last a lifetime!

Few of the places they visited are Fiji, Hawaii, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and more!

The family put their millions in the bank and living off through the sales they had from their material stuff.

Today, they have their blog, an Instagram account, and a YouTube that they use to create an opportunity to share their stories with people. Their accounts are named “The Bucket List Family.” They also describe themselves as “pretty chill folks.”

As a young family, they’ve decided that now was the time to form healthy habits and create traditions that will hopefully shape them into better people for the rest of their lives.

As written more from their blog, they feel like they still have so much to learn about life and happiness before they can set up their future life and home.

According to them, their travel goals are:

  • to become closer to a marriage and family
  • be good friends to the people in their lives
  • live a life of service and compassion
  • learn to find happiness with less
  • become more open minded and open hearted
  • love and respect nature and the planet
  • and create life long memories.

Here are more amazing pictures and videos that will bring out major wanderlust in you.

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