How to Become a Millionaire in Under Five Years


13. Exercise

The number one reason people don’t exercise? “I don’t have the time.” Well, you should unless you want your millions to go into health care.

I’ve seen my share of friends who worked tirelessly throughout their lives only to succumb to heart attack, cancer, diabetes and other deadly diseases and conditions. Many passed on in their mid-40’s; their children still in school.

It’s a tragedy that I do not want to befall my family which is why I devote time for exercise; at least three days a week.

Exercise has many benefits all of which will help you succeed in business:

  • Releases mood enhancing endorphins which help manage stress.
  • Improves blood circulation which ensures proper functioning of all vital organs.
  • Improves cognition, mental alertness, and focus.
  • Builds confidence and self-belief.

If you spend a lot of time sitting down behind the computer, doing weight training for the legs and back stabilizes and strengthens the trunk and hips. This helps distribute compression forces away from your lower back.

If you think you don’t have time for exercise, then why do you think these successful people do?

  • Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group
  • Jeff Bezos of Amazon
  • Tim Cook of Apple
  • US President Barack Obama
  • Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

Prioritize time in the day for your health. Your business and your family will thank you for it.

14. Eat Healthy

What do you think will happen to your gasoline powered car if you give it diesel fuel? In the same context, what you feed your body will affect how you function.

Limit or better still, eliminate processed foods from your diet. Processed foods have been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and other life-threatening conditions.

It’s hard. I know it for a fact because I love bacon, donuts, chips and ice cream. But if you want to stay on the course of your goal to hit 7-figures you must take care of your health.

I have these foods once a month and have taken a conscious effort to eat cleaner and healthier. Lately, I’ve been feasting on exotic fruits like rambutan, guyabano, langka and my favorite, much to my family’s dismay, durian!

Overall health needs three components: exercise, healthy eating and the third component coming up next.

15. Get Enough Sleep

Working hard is good, but productivity should not be equated from the quantity of hours worked.

Doctors recommend getting at least 7 hours of sleep. If you are not well rested, your mind will not function well. It will be difficult to arrive at the best possible decisions if your ability to focus is compromised.

Lack of sleep can also increase blood pressure, create irregular heart rate and lead to strokes.

With proper time management, assistance, and planning, you should be able to find time to get enough sleep.

16. Sacrifice Willingly

Launching a business is difficult enough; navigating it toward success presents different and entirely challenges. Like it or not, what you do will encroach on other facets of your life.

There are times you may miss family gatherings or time with friends. You will have to live with those decisions without regret. Not many will understand why you do the things you do.

Some will say you could have done this or that. But the truth is no one knows what you need to do except you. And this conflict will cause relationships to end or suffer at the very least.

There are casualties toward the path of entrepreneurial success. I’ve had to cancel the annual family vacation the past four years to focus on my business. It was hard for my son who always looked forward to our annual getaways.

As a parent, it is painful because I’m sacrificing memories for the sake of building a business. I can never get those years back. I tell myself, “I’m doing this for them” but there are days when I question if the sacrifices were worth it.

Think of sacrifices as the currency you pay to achieve success. In 5 years, you will be paid out in full and in the seven figures!

17. Remove Toxic People from Your Life

On censorship, allow me to present my analogy between opinions and toxic people:

Toxic people are like opinions; everybody has them.

I wouldn’t go as far as referring to toxic people as a 7-letter word as in the original version but they can be overbearing and will certainly weigh down on your success in life and business.

I define toxic people as angry people. They hate life and want you to hate life with them. They can appear chummy, pleasant and often present a positive disposition. But give them time. Everything they spew will be filled with vitriol and venom.

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Unfortunately, we all have them. We have toxic people in our families and within our circles of friends.

If you want to succeed, get rid of toxic people in your life. They will not want you to achieve your life goals because they are perennial under-achievers. They will doubt you at every turn and discourage you whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Talking to toxic people drains me of energy. There is only so much negativity I can take. They can’t seem to get over the past and continually bring back past transgressions. I call them “Lazarus” because they keep bringing back issues from the dead.

Facebook itself is a festering cesspool of toxicity. In the two years, I have been on Facebook I have only amassed 135 friends. Meanwhile, others have made thousands of friends. I just wonder if they get thousands of birthday greetings and Christmas wishes every year.

I have unfollowed many in my contacts list because of inappropriate posts. My network in LinkedIn is five times larger than my connections in FB. I find that LinkedIn encourages more intelligent discourse than FB.

Become a millionaire

It may take you less than five years or more than five years to become a millionaire but never lose sight of where you came from. You will fall and fail more times than you will succeed. Every time you get up and move forward will serve as a reminder of how far you have gone.

You cannot write out a script with the perfect Hollywood ending. Life will always find a way to play itself out; the end will be influenced by every nuanced decision you make.

That is why you should cherish the journey! All the losses, sufferings, and failures you endure will help you appreciate the financial rewards that you will ultimately reap in the future.

If my advice has helped you accomplish your financial goals, let me know! I would love to hear from you. Let’s go on this journey together!

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