How To Win Your First Upwork Contract [Webinar Recap]

This video is the full webinar recording from Freelancing Philippines on how to land a job as a freelancer through Upwork. This webinar also talks about Roel’s ( founder) journey to freelancing.

Webinar Highlights

To jumpstart your freelancing career, here’s the step by step guide you need to follow:
STEP 1: Create an account and choose your membership plan.
STEP 2: Create an outstanding profile.

  • Catchy headline
  • Reasonable hourly rate
  • Effective overview
  • Take relevant skills tests.

STEP 3: Start applying for jobs.
STEP 4: Submit a proposal.

  • Write a winning cover letter, tailored to each job.
  • Set a reasonable rate.
  • Check for errors.

STEP 5: Prepare for an interview.
STEP 6: Download the Time Tracker App

The speakers pointed out character traits that are needed to be a successful Freelancer:

  • Have a career goal in mind
  • Confident – can market themselves
  • Self-starter
  • Resourceful – Google is your best friend
  • Disciplined and Accountable
  • On top of things
  • Meticulous – detailed oriented
  • Internet savvy – willing to learn
  • Willing to go extra mile

Video owned by Freelancing.PH. Original article can be seen here.
You can check Roel Manarang’s Freelance $1k E-Book here.

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