12 Legit Ways to Make Money Online in the Philippines


5. Virtual Assistance Services

They used to be called work-at-home secretaries and personal assistants until Stacy Brice coined the term “Virtual Assistant” in 1996.

Today they are called freelancers, telecommuters or home based workers but the roots are forever entrenched in virtual assistance.

This is an industry that has grown by leaps and bounds. The demand for virtual assistance services follows the same upward trajectory as global outsourcing.

More businesses are integrating virtual assistants in their workforce because it streamlines costs, improves productivity, enhances the quality of work, reduces risk, introduces flexible modeling and lowers attrition rate.

As a Virtual Assistant, you don’t get paid benefits because you are contracted, not hired. This means you can sign up as many clients as your schedule can handle.

Virtual assistants start out at $3.50 per hour, but this rate can escalate quickly if you have built a good reputation with clients.

If you want to become a Virtual Assistant, do an accounting of your skills and abilities and start out from there. If you are great in managing office tasks, offer administrative services.

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6. Product Reviews

Another in-demand job for content writers is doing product reviews. The amount of content is not much; most product reviews average 1,000 words.

But there is a great deal of research involved. A good product review has to be detailed and extensive.

For example, if a client asks you to make a product review on digital cameras, you should create categories for dimensions, software, lighting features, handling, touch screen features, resolution and pricing among others.

It can be a difficult project for those who have no background on the subject matter.

Sometimes, the client will ask you to do a comparative review of other similar products. This increases the degree of difficulty as you have to research on the competition as well.

Many companies are asking for product reviews to be made because it enhances their credibility. You can charge a higher rate for product reviews compared to blogging because of the amount of research involved.

And why stop at products? You can expand your suite of services by offering critical reviews on food, movies, music and technology.

7. Data Entry Services

For the past 15 years, the Philippines has been a hotbed for data entry services.

Data entry is an important function for many companies especially in this day and age of Big Data. Every industry needs data entry to organize, analyze and mine through bits of consumer information that are extracted every day.

Your earnings in data entry are contingent on the volume of work. Similar to transcription work, data encoders are either paid per line or word. In some cases, particularly for accounting services, data encoders are paid per hour.

Data entry is not an easy job. You need exceptional typing skills and attention to detail. One mistake could cost your client heavy losses or penalties.

8. Transcription

The transcription industry has grown from healthcare to include other industries. Today there is good demand for transcribers in the legal profession, close caption work, the academe and everyday business.

Filipino medical transcribers continue to enjoy popularity among US healthcare institutions. In fact, many of these companies package transcriptions need with medical coding and billing services.

Medical billing and coding services are more technical in nature. Having experience in insurance is a big plus. And it pays big!

As a medical transcriber, you can get paid US$0.09 per line. But in medical billing and coding, you can charge up to $25 per hour! That’s 1,225 Pesos per hour!

If you work 4 hours a day for 22 days, you can easily make over 100,000 Pesos a month! But the job is highly stressful and delicate. Mistakes can lead to large lawsuits for the healthcare company.

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