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The Philippine economy is the second fastest growing economy in the SEA region with Manila and Cebu having one of the lowest office and retail vacancy rates in the world. This fact makes office space hunting for corporations very challenging and is trying to solve this problem.

FlySpaces is an online marketplace just like Airbnb for short-term office and retail space rentals. The good news is that it does not charge any fee from the user. It makes money by charging a “booking fee” to the space provider. It is now operational in Manila and Cebu with more than 100 spaces available to book.

Complete and Comprehensive Selection for Flexibility

According to Mario Berta, the founder and CEO of, they aim to offer a complete and comprehensive selection to people and corporations that need flexibility.

It could be a freelancer looking for better Internet connection than what a  coffee shop provides or an established corporation that needs meeting rooms for a couple of  hours around town or a satellite office or a brand that is looking to set up a pop-up shop to  test a product.

As Berta added, their objective is to truly empower SMEs around Asia that cannot afford the substantial financial engagement that long-term rentals require. I myself struggled to find an office when I was setting up a venture for Rocket Internet around Asia and specifically the Philippines.

FlySpaces is coming into the game at the right time as prices of office space are skyrocketing in most of the ASEAN markets and flexibility is needed. In the Philippines alone, some enterprising companies have already started heavily expanding into the business of providing flexible, elegant and modern shared spaces for meetings, conferences, events, product launches and prestigious office addresses.

How it works


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