10 Reasons to Chase Your Dream Not the Money


6. Dreams Give You Purpose

What makes you want to wake up every morning and seize the day? Your purpose!

Purpose gives you direction. It sets the path where you want to go and because you know what you want to achieve. At the heart of this purpose is you.

Your values determine your purpose. The beliefs you hold guide every decision that you have to make.

Money is not a value thus it cannot define your purpose. If you allow money to set the direction of where you want to go you will end up in misery. And you may never find it.

I know of a person who was given an opportunity to work for one of the biggest corporations in the Philippines. Out of 10 candidates, he was the only one the company selected.

But he declined the offer because the job only offered him 11,000 Pesos a month. Instead, he took the job of a sales rep which paid him slightly more plus a company car.

He asked me what I had thought. I did not want to come across as self-righteous. So instead I phrased it in a way that would encourage introspection:

“The experience and knowledge you gain working with the greatest minds in business is a huge opportunity that holds more weight than money. It’s like going to class everyday but getting paid a higher allowance plus benefits.”

Then I asked him, “Do you like being a sales rep?”

He replied, “I just need the money.”

That response answered my question in more ways than one.

Understand why you do what you do every day. Ask yourself if what you do is fulfilling your purpose. Money should never be your purpose because its value only lies in the currency, not in achievement.

7. You Become an Inspiration to Others

People who have watched his show over the years will describe chef/author Anthony Bourdain as a “chain smoker,” “hard drinker,” “foul-mouthed ‘snarkologist’” and he is. Or rather, he was. Well, he’s still a snark.

Bourdain makes no bones that for years he suffered an addiction to substances. I would watch his shows and note how old he had gotten over the years. The once lean Bourdain had a paunch by the time his show “No Reservations” entered its 2nd season.

Last year I read Bourdain had taken up Brazilian Jujitsu under the revered Carlson Gracie family in New York. Bourdain was quoted that the only time he would justify renting a helicopter was to arrive early for Jujitsu class. He was hooked! Jujitsu was his new addiction.

Early this year at age 59, Bourdain sporting a deeply etched set of 6-pack abs won the New York Brazilian Jujitsu Open!

He’s not paid to wear the “Gracie Jujitsu” t-shirts and sweaters you see him wear on “Parts Unknown.” He wears them because he loves Jujitsu. For Bourdain, it’s not about the money. It’s a way to honor the sport he says saved his life.

So if a 59-year-old former chain smoker can win the prestigious New York Open what can’t we do with our lives?

8. You Become Unstoppable

What made superstar LeBron James and the overachieving Cleveland Cavaliers defy history, rally from a 1-3 deficit versus the record-setting Golden State Warriors and win Game 7 in their opponent’s home court in the NBA Finals to win the first world championship for Cleveland in 50 years?

Some call it destiny; the Cavaliers say it has been their dream to win it for their city.

James does not need money. He closed a lifetime billion dollar deal with Nike. He makes almost US$100 Million a year in endorsement deals and salary.

Beating the Warriors wasn’t about the money. It was about doing the impossible. It was about proving the naysayers wrong. It was about making history.

When you are chasing a dream, it does not matter if you have the current 2-time MVP, the league’s most feared offense, 3 NBA All-Stars, the team with the most wins in history in front of you.

You will be unstoppable!

9. You Live a Life with No Regrets

The worst thing in life is to live with regrets. Time is constantly moving. Once lost, you can never regain it. Dreams fuel our desire to accomplish great things.

How many people do you know still dwell on the past? They say, “I wish I could have studied harder in school” or “I wish I had accepted that offer to work in Canada” or “I wish I had been more serious about golf when I was younger.”

These are all regrets.

Regret happens when you don’t “pull the trigger.” Why? For some people, it is a fear of failure. Others allow themselves to get influenced by other people.

In the end, no one can pursue your dream except you. No one will go through the hardship and difficulties except you.

When you pursue a dream, sometimes it will come at great cost. How do you expect your business to succeed if you don’t invest or re-invest the proceeds in it?

Ray Kroc of McDonald’s went without a salary for eight years because he wanted to fulfill his dream of making the chain the success it is today. Obviously with 32,737 restaurants worldwide, if Kroc were still alive today he would not regret his decision to forego pay for his vision!

10. Money Presents No Challenge

How many people do you know are paid well but are unhappy? Years ago I met a person who worked in the call center. He was a Dialer Manager and earning 85,000 Pesos every month; twice than the average Filipino household!

But he was unhappy. His job required him to work graveyard and made him miss so many milestones of his only child: first birthday, first day at school, awards and recognition day, and countless performances. He could never get those days back.

Eventually, he grew to hate his job. He hated waking up in the middle of the day to get to work. He would wake up, and his child would be at school. He would come home, and his child would be asleep.

So he made a choice and quit his job. He started a home-based website design and development business. He is making good money though not at the same level as he did as a Dialer Manager.

But starting a new business and a career is a challenge. He knows it will take time to grow his website design and development company, but he is up for it.

In time, he knows he will bring in better income because unlike his days as a Dialer Manager, he is happy! He has motivation and spirit to give it his best everyday because he loves his job.

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Chase Your Dream Not the Money

Life can only be as beautiful as what you make of it. It may sound cheesy, but the reason you value the present is that it is a gift. You should capitalize on the opportunities you have before they are gone forever.

Confucius said it best:

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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