Is It Time to Invest on Property Beyond Metro Manila?

While business and investment is centered in Metro Manila, the lack developable land in the Philippine capital and increased investment potential elsewhere have buyers interested in other areas. Being the location of the nation’s capital, the country’s leading financial districts, and many of its major commercial facilities and media outlets, Metro Manila is arguably the

9 Reasons Why Location Matters in Real Estate

In real estate, the importance of location cannot be overemphasized. If there’s a statement that’s most often uttered in the real estate world, it’s “location, location, location,” and there’s a good reason behind it: this is perhaps the most essential determining factor when you select a home to buy. It’s so important that if you

6 Ways to Be Successful in Your Rental Property Business

Ask most experts, and they’ll say it’s a sound financial strategy to own assets that generate income as opposed to assets that mostly yield expenses. This appropriately applies to real estate, as property purchase to be rented out generates more consistent amount of income compared to when it is limited to personal use or kept