Top 10 Forbes’ Richest Filipinos in 2016 are Making Waves in Real Estate

If one ever needed more proof of the lucrative nature of real estate, they need not look any further than this year’s Philippines’ 50 Richest People, a list collated and released by American business and finance magazine Forbes. Coincidentally, all the tycoons who made it to the top 10 have diversified their portfolio by venturing

Forbes Reveals Top 50 Philippines’ Richest List 2014

Forbes magazine reveals the top 50 richest man in the Philippines last Thursday. The top 50 wealthiest are worth $74 billion combined, according to Forbes magazine. Four newcomers join the 50 including the Po Family (No. 21), Dean Lao (No. 26), the Concepcions (No. 34) and P.J. Lhuillier (No. 49). While the losers in the