How to Start a Sari-Sari Store with Small Capital in the Philippines

Every country has its own convenience store. The US has “7-Eleven”; Japan has “Family Mart”, “Lawson” and “Ministop” while the Netherlands has “SPAR Express”. The Philippines has “Treats” and “Select” in every Petron and Shell gas station respectively and “All Day” from the Villar group of companies. But perhaps no retail unit is more identified

Top 10 Sari-Sari Store Business Tips in the Philippines

If there is a retail unit that is highly identified with the Philippines, it would be the sari-sari store. They are found almost everywhere in the Philippines—neighborhood, street corners, and even in a few gated subdivisions. The sari-sari store is the personification of the Philippines’ small business industry; it is the original Filipino convenience store.