6 Tips to Succeed in Philippine Business Process Outsourcing Industry

In September 30, 2013, Knowledgefaber, a research and consultancy firm, released the results of its study, which showed that Manila has claimed from the National Capital Region (NCR) of India, Bangalore, and Mumbai the coveted number one spot as the premiere destination for global outsourcing. The basis of the study is the growth rate achieved

5 Tips on How to Find the Right-Fit Business Partners

Despite his God-given abilities and otherworldly skills, Michael Jordan could not win a single title for the Chicago Bulls. Fast-forward five years after Jordan’s final game in the NBA, another player seemingly kissed by God upon birth, LeBron James has failed to win a single title for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Even when Jordan and James

12 Tips on How to Start a Business and Succeed in the Philippines

Perhaps more than owning a dream house or buying their first car, having their own business remains the ultimate goal of most people. Independence is best represented by being a business owner, given that by being one, you can distinguish yourself from 38,839,000 other Filipinos who chose to work for someone else in a nation

The Only Advice Entrepreneurs Need to Guarantee Business Success

According to a 2012 study by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, nearly 400 million entrepreneurs exist in 54 countries. In the United States alone, a study conducted in 2011 by Kaufman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity showed that 320 new businesses are launched for every 100,000 people, which translates to 20 million entrepreneurs every year. Industry statistics