16 Important Benefits of a Website Content for Businesses


Having a website for your business is a step toward the right decision. However, what good is a website if no one pays it a visit? A website is your online business address. If you want your business to grow, you must bring people to your website. In particular, you should encourage people to visit your website.

The question is “how”?

Some unscrupulous marketing experts may advise you to buy an e-mail list; however, doing so is unethical and does not conform to acceptable business practices. Some may tell you to be aggressive and pay for traffic by spending on paid ads.

If you follow any of these strategies, you may probably run out of money before you see any result.

An effective and efficient option is to implement content marketing. It involves transitioning prospects through different stages within the sales funnel. Thus, referring content marketing as a process is more accurate than seeing it as a strategy, in which many marketers do the latter.

However, content marketing requires strategy because its components must be in place before you can run this process. The central part of this process is a website, which is your place of business in the World Wide Web. Then, you have to set up social media accounts and explore other Internet communities that can serve as your distribution channels.

Overall, content marketing operates like the solar system. You have a website at the center of all the multitude of strategies, techniques, and avenues that are directed to generate inbound traffic for your site.

1. Generates Inbound Traffic.

An effective strategy to build inbound traffic is to craft great contents consistently. Let’s take blogging for example.

Every time you post a new blog translates to one additional indexed page on your website. Thus, a new opportunity is created for your website to be found and appear in the search engines results page or SERP.

Search engines, particularly Google, encourage websites to post fresh and relevant contents frequently. By posting blogs on a regular basis, you are sending a signal to search engines that your website is active.

Social media is a medium that you should use to distribute your blogs. Establish a regular schedule for posting blogs on at least three social media networks. Twitter is great for acquiring an audience; Facebook’s large community is perfect for engagement, whereas LinkedIn can be used to expand your connections.

Content that is engaging and compelling enough to encourage readers to share can lead to increased website visits.

2. Enhance Your Online Reputation.

As an entrepreneur, how often have you felt your ideas should be heard? How many times have you come across an article that made you think, “I have a better solution than that!”? A content strategy, such as blogging, provides the platform to highlight your expertise and to enhance your online reputation.

The first rule in creating content is to address issues or needs that concern your audience. Your content can help establish your credibility as an expert in the industry by presenting options, solutions, and ideas that deliver great value to your audience.

Great content in the virtual world can create a snowball effect that spreads faster than its counterpart in the reality. Sharing is done with a tap of a keypad or a click of the mouse. People will not share your content if they don’t find a measure of value in it.

An important rule to keep in mind when creating content is to write less about what you do and more about what you can do for your audience. People look for contents that offer solutions and not those that feature personalities.

3. Builds Your Brand.

The success of your business may ultimately lie on how effectively you build your brand.

Branding is important because it establishes who you are in the industry. A good branding strategy generates a very important quality for the long-term success of every business: recall.

The best way to build your brand is to establish trust with your market. An ad is not enough. It has too many components to be considered in a protracted format; thus, the message can be easily misinterpreted.

With content marketing techniques, you have many tools at your disposal to design campaigns that can drive your brand further into the market’s consciousness. You can create videos or host podcasts that you can post on your website and link to various social media websites.

4. Improves Lead Generation.

Statistics show that:
B2B marketers who use blogs generate increased leads by 67%.

People who come across great content would want more. They will openly and willingly follow the person who authored the blog or post. If you consistently create engaging and relevant contents and remain active online, you can attract new followers significantly.

Thus, the people who visit your website become qualified leads through your blogs. They openly and willingly decide to explore your website because they are compelled by the content of your blog post.

This scenario shows the strength of content marketing over traditional marketing strategies. Content marketing is nonintrusive; it does not inundate people with collaterals that do not address a specific need. Great content compels people to discover your value proposition.

5. Increase Sales Conversion.

If you have a great proportion of qualified leads entering your sales funnel, conversions increase accordingly. You can double your website conversion rates statistically through inbound strategies.

Visitors are converted from “strangers” to “leads” through a website content. They have an expectation when they visit your site because the content has an influenced perception.

The focus now shifts from lead generation to sales conversion. The features and components of your website must come together to support your contents. These features and components include calls-to-action, social sharing, sign-up buttons, and landing pages.

If you are an e-commerce retailer, your ordering page must be easy to navigate, customer friendly, and efficient.

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