40 Best Business Franchise Opportunities in the Philippines for 2017


Which franchise concepts have gone to the great franchise graveyard in the sky? I believe the novelty of donuts has run its course. Hasta la Vista to pasta and the bar has seen better days.

The rest concepts listed below remain among the best business franchise opportunities for 2017. There are quite a good number of new entries which I am confident will continue to build their consumer base in 2017.

Best Business Franchise Opportunities in the Philippines for 2017

I. Food Kiosks

1. Burgers

Almost every month there is a new burger concept opening up. It appears there is no clear answer to the question, “How many ways can you cook a burger?”

The hamburger is like vanilla ice cream. The concept is so simple that it is open to so many variations. However, the creativity and pricing have gone out of control. Do you want gold shavings on your burger? A burger is just ground beef inside a bun.

I hope that for 2017 hamburger-connoisseurs focus on the quality of the meat rather than the number of toppings you can fit under the bun. If you’re putting too much garnishing on your burger, you must be hiding the quality of the meat.

2. Fried Chicken

Just like the burger, fried chicken connoisseurs apparently have found new ways to create an interesting batter and breading. There are new fried chicken restaurants opening up, and some of them are not located inside the mall. You have to go out your way to find them.

Fried chicken remains popular because of its rich taste and it goes well with rice. The chicken pieces, if you’ve noticed are getting smaller. I am wondering though why a beer drinking country like the Philippines doesn’t use beer to make fried chicken batter.

3. Roasted Chicken

Reports of the demise of Roasted Chicken are highly exaggerated. You just don’t find the best ones inside the mall anymore!

The best roasted chicken concepts are found on the streets where proprietors use real charcoal and the great outdoors as its exhaust. The chicken is much juicier, and they use larger cuts. Best of all, you can get a whole chicken for under 200 Pesos!

Plus, roasted chicken is healthy. Did you know you can eat roasted chicken skin? It is high in selenium, a powerful antioxidant that can reduce the risk of cancer.

4. Bacon-Themed Concepts

Can you name one food item that will not taste great with bacon? Don’t say “ice cream” because “Bacon Ice Cream with Maple Syrup” is out-of-this-world awesome!

I went to an outdoor food market, and one of the proprietors was selling bacon wrapped beef BBQ sticks for 140 Pesos. It was so good! The bacon kept the beef very moist and tasty. There are also restaurants that serve “bottomless bacon” for a minimum price.

Bacon themed concepts are a good bet as one of the best business franchise opportunities in 2017 simply because everything tastes better with bacon. We have a solid market of bacon lovers in the country.

5. Fresh Cut Potato Chips

I’m sure you’ve seen this at night markets. Potato chips fried from fresh cut potatoes and strung up in a long stick. Well, there are newer concepts now.

They need to make it crispy which they can’t if you fry the potatoes right after cutting them. The trick is to soak them overnight to remove the excess starches before frying them. If I know this technique, I’m sure the proprietors know it too. I think they’re promoting the fresh concept which doesn’t work because it’s not healthy in the first place.

6. BBQ Stands

There are BBQ stands located popular retail stores and in every street corner. In addition to the traditional pork BBQ, you also have classic street fare such as “Betamax” and “Isaw.”

BBQ is accepted food fare in the Philippines. It goes well with rice or on its own. Best of all it is affordable. BBQ sticks range from 25 to 40 Pesos a stick. Filipinos love their BBQ to be savory-sweet. All you need is vinegar, and you’re good to go.

7. Chicken Wings

Chicken wings gained popularity in 2010 and have never looked back. More wing houses are sprouting with each new franchise offering new sauces and seasonings.

The secret of having good chicken wings is in the oil. The best ones use peanut oil which has a high smoking point and has good flavor. Wings are a high food cost item. Do not expect good profit margins unless you price six wings for 300 Pesos or more.

8. Ramen House

Have you been to a good ramen house lately? Probably so because there have been quite a few that opened up the last few years. With Ramen, pricing is not an indicator of quality.

After putting it off for years because it was so expensive, I finally tried one of the most popularly reviewed Ramen houses.

And it was a disappointment. There are Ramen houses which offer better quality food at lower prices because this is not a high food cost item. The secret lies in the broth which is often re-used for a stronger flavor.

9. Pizza

I almost put Pizza along the same category as donuts and pasta, but it continues to remain popular. There aren’t any new franchises worth mentioning but an old favorite “Di Mark’s” appears to be expanding again.

The best pizza I’ve tried is “Big Apple.” It’s probably the only franchise which uses pesto oil on the pizza. Unfortunately, it closed shop. My guess is food margins did them in.

10. Hotdogs

One of the pleasant surprises is the return of the hotdog. I’m not talking about the steamed hotdog on a soggy bun. These are premium hotdogs that are grilled and topped with exotic flavorings such as kimchi, Swiss Cheese, seaweed, wasabi mayo, bacon and Mexican chili.

Popular LA landmark “Pink’s” opened at Bonifacio High Street and I understand the restaurant is always packed. Hotdogs are a low food cost item, but the toppings will reduce your margins. If you want to put up a hotdog stand, stick with the basic toppings like chili, cheese, and bacon.

Among the fast food standards, I believe hotdogs will be a better business franchise opportunity in 2017 than chicken or hamburgers which are slowly becoming saturated markets.

11. Churros

I used to think the churros served at S&R were the best until I came across the specialty churros served at Bonifacio High Street and Muntinlupa.

There’s nothing complicated about churros. It’s just fried pancake batter. But people love them because they’re convenient to eat and churros go well with hot chocolate or ice cream. Churros will be one of your better business franchise opportunities in 2017 because it is still a growing market.

12. Dimsum

The old standby favorites like Siomai and Siopao remain popular with blue collar and white collar people alike.

Siomai is cheap; for around 50 Pesos gets you a full meal with rice and sago gulaman. It is a low food cost item, easy to make and you only cook it when you are running down an available stock.

To improve your food cost, just stick to traditional pork siomai and work on the toyo garlic sauce.

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