20 Best Small Business Ideas for Teens in the Philippines

business ideas for teens

When children become teenagers, they start thinking of financial independence. Of course, they would still like to live with mom and dad but they plan to mooch off them less! Saving up on their allowance won’t cut it. The best way is to earn money, but their age would disqualify them from most work. The next best option is to start a business.

If you ask those who belong to “Generation X” or those who were born from the 1960s to the early 1980s what the business ideas for teens were during their time, they would probably say newspaper route, food stalls, yard work, car cleaning, bowling alley pin boy, and pool cleaning. Work back then was physically demanding. However, the age of the millennials is differentiated by a very significant development.


Children who were born from the mid-1980s to the 2000s or the new millennium have experienced the digital revolution. They have seen the evolution of the main frame to the compact personal computer, and they now live in the age of mobile technology. Convenience is packaged into gadgets that are small in scale yet massive in scope and fast in speed.

Therefore, although some of the business ideas from Generation X remain relevant and in demand, most of the concepts of the millennials have their origins rooted in digital technology. Although a measure of physical labor is still required, the majority of jobs are no longer physical. Instead, they usually now involve a click of the mouse or a tap on the keypad.

Here are 20 of the most awesome and best business ideas for teens in the Philippines.

20 Best Small Business Ideas for Teenagers in the Philippines

1. Blogging

Have you heard of Willie Greene, Tavi Gavinson, and Spencer Tweedy? They manage the highly popular and influential blogs, WeTheUrban, Style Rookie, and SpencerTweedy, respectively. They are also the most sought-after bloggers who are under the age of 18.

Teenagers always have something on their minds, and the Internet has given them an outlet to express themselves. Gone are the days when teenagers had to brood like James Dean or Johnny Depp to earn some street cred! Now, all they need is a blog page that can be set up for free or at minimal costs.

You don’t need to be a Mark Twain or an Oscar Wilde to write a blog. You just need to unleash your ideas and express yourself to the market.

2. Video Game Reviewer

One of the industries that openly hire teenagers to work in their business is the gaming industry, and statistics prove why. In 2010 alone, 74% of gamers were composed of those who belong to the age demographic of 18 to 49 years.

The global video gaming industry is expected to flourish from US$64 billion in 2014 to US$100 billion in 2018 largely because of the growth of mobile gadgets.

Online job markets, such as Elance, frequently post jobs that need video game reviewers or testers.

3. Party Entertainer

Digital technology has marked the age of the millennials. However, others who plan to capitalize on their talents are not discouraged from using this technology.

Can you sing like Beyonce? Play card tricks like David Blaine? Perform in a band like One Direction? Move like Jagger? If you have a talent that you no longer want to hide, seek out a ready audience.

Offer your services for birthday parties, weddings, and company functions. In this age of social media, all you need is video footage that can go viral.

4. Web Designer

Millennials, who are born in the digital age, are usually drawn to modern things. On the Internet, the website is the usual point of destination.

A good number of teenagers start learning website design to build their own sites. Eventually, they branch out to help others build their own websites. Website designing is a skill that is best served with formal instructions. However, you can make good money by setting up simple website designs for people who do not need websites with all the bells and whistles.

5. Fashion Designer

For sure, you have heard about “The Olsen Twins”; the former child stars turned fashion moguls. Mary Kate and Ashley starred in the popular 1980s TV show Full House, and when the show ended its run, the teenage twins started their own fashion line and became billionaires!

Teenagers are known for following style icons but some have the flair for making their own look. As a reference, watch the classic 1995 cult movie, Clueless.

If your friends always ask you for style tips, maybe it’s time to start your own line.

6. Jewelry Making

Another great opportunity for creative individuals is designing jewelry. This business may take a large capital and hours invested in learning, but great-looking and stylish jewelry can be made with simple and readily accessible materials, such as beads and silver.

Your obvious target market is the female population, and there are several opportunities to present your wares. Women always look for something unique and eye-catching that best complements their everyday wear.

You can easily sell your creations on Facebook and other social media networks. Women are active and passionate shoppers. If they like your product, trust that more people will know more about it!

7. Social Media Marketing

A study by Pew Center showed that 92% of teens or those aged 13 to 17 are online every day. Where do they go online? Of these teens, 71% are on Facebook, 52% are on Instagram, and 41% are on Snapchat. Moreover, 71% of teens have more than one social media account. As the smartphone continues to evolve and becomes increasingly popular, expect social media figures to rise consistently over the next few years.

If you spend more than four hours a day on social media, why not get paid for it? Offer your services to companies that target the teenage market. Your negotiating chip is your network. If you have developed a good-sized community of teenagers, monetize it through social media marketing.

8. Lawn Service

This throwback service from Generation X remains relevant today. Households always want their garden and lawn area to look fresh and new. You may want to try lawn service if you have a green thumb and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, given that there is always a demand for this service.

You must invest in a van and standard lawn maintenance equipment. It is a good idea to get an experienced gardener on board. Teenagers may not have the depth of knowledge necessary for improving gardens and minor landscaping work.

9. Babysitting

According to the latest survey by the National Statistical Coordination Board, the average household income in the National Capital Region or NCR is Php29,000 versus Php25,000 in expenditures. This finding supports the popular contention that most Filipino families belong to dual-income households. If mom and dad have to go to work, who will watch over the baby?

Teenagers with young siblings know how to change diapers, bottle feed, and put babies to sleep. If you are great with kids and responsible, you can make good money through babysitting.

10. Tutoring

One of the best ways to learn is to provide pointers on a subject matter. Tutoring gives you the venue to discuss the information that you have learned by teaching others.

If your grade on a subject is generally high, offer tutoring services in your school or neighborhood. Tutoring services are in demand as you can see by the growth of systems such as Kumon and ENopi, among others. As a private tutor, you have fewer overhead costs. Thus, you can be more affordable than these formal programs.

You can even host tutoring services online for individuals or groups.

11. Personal Assistant

Even if we are living in the age of millennials, most of the income is generated by those from Generation X. Those from Generation X are busy running their large-scale businesses. They are also somewhat challenged by technology. Thus, they hire personal assistance services for some activities:

  • Personal chef or cook
  • Personal shopper
  • Personal errands

If you have any of these talents or skills, you can make a good income by providing assistance to the rich and famous. Additionally, personal assistance helps build your network!

12. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is a field that has become popular since the book by Tim Ferris, The Four-Hour Work Week, exploded into the mainstream consciousness. In his book, Ferris claims that he was able to increase productivity, lower costs, and enjoy life by hiring virtual assistants.

Now, there are millions of virtual assistants worldwide. Elance claims to have 8 million in its network.

If you are organized, adept at technology, and familiar with programs, such as Asana, DropBox, or Bitrix-24, you can earn a lot as a virtual assistant. You can earn $500 to $800 per month as a virtual assistant. Now, that’s more than the average income in the NCR!

13. Music Instructor

The acoustic guitar has come a long way since the days of MTV Unplugged. Ever since John Mayer began his career, you can sell millions of records with an acoustic guitar. More people are taking on that six-string instrument than ever before.

The acoustic guitar has become the favorite accessory not only for beer-drinking sessions but also for building a music career. Teenagers have grown at the time of Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Ed Sheehan. You can see acoustic guitars slung around the shoulders of high school students instead of basketball!

A good living awaits those whose fingers can fly on the fretboard. You can always find students who are willing to learn your techniques and methods to become good players.

14. Pet Care

Most families consider a pet a family member. How else can you explain owners dressing up their pets complete with shoes?

Pet care includes a host of services, such as dog walking, pet sitting, and pet grooming. It would be best to be certified before getting into this type of business. Owners are very particular about the people who will care for their pets.

There are several certification programs online for dog walking and pet sitting.

15. Food delivery

This service will survive the test of time. People always welcome food delivery services, which is particularly true now that many people work from their own homes.

Although chicken and hamburgers remain popular mainstays, you should come up with a menu or a concept that can differentiate your food from those of everyone else. Lately, we’ve seen many proprietors of healthy foods, such as The Sexy Chef and Paleo.

For food delivery, people always look for value for money. Great-tasting and affordable food with good-sized portions will always sell. Lastly, your deliveries should never be late!

16. E-Commerce

With the rise of the Internet, you do not have to put up a physical location to sell your products and services. All you need is a website.

The Internet can also help you connect to the manufacturers of products that you wish to sell online. These manufacturers do not sell their products to your store directly. However, they will connect you to their list of authorized distributors or wholesalers. Thus, you can get good prices, and shipping expenses can be reduced based on the proximity and location of a distributor.

An e-commerce website is more complicated than a blog page or an informative website. It definitely costs a significant amount of money to build. You also need to open a merchant account as a means to facilitate payment.

However, you do not have to stock up on inventory with an e-commerce website. Simply enter into a drop shipping arrangement with your wholesaler, so that they will take care of the delivery and shipping to your customers.

17. Arts and Crafts

Some teenagers develop their ability to work magic with their hands at a very young age. If you can create woodcraft, paint, or produce a creative scrapbook design, then a business in arts and crafts may be the enterprise for you.

Materials are readily available and inexpensive. Some of them may be in your own garage or backyard. It only takes imagination to get several products done. There are several venues to sell your products. You can go online or sell at markets and trade fairs.

18. Candle Making

There are more uses for candles than just contingencies in the event of a blackout. There is a market for decorative candles that are used for restaurants and churches. Another growing market involves scented candles or candles used for aromatherapy.

You do not need much capital to start a candle-making business. Materials may probably cost you Php5,000 to Php10,000. However, you can work from the comforts of your own home. Imagination and creativity are more important than capital.

19. Sports Coach

If you are a gifted athlete with a good track record for winning, maybe it is time to share your knowledge with others and get paid for it!

As a teenager, you can coach players who are younger than you about the rudiments of the sport. You can also share the updated training methodologies and techniques. Most importantly, you can develop their young minds and spirits and tune them into the true meaning of sports.

Even if you are not a gifted athlete, your true calling may be that of a coach. Think of Freddie Roach. He is known more for his ability to develop boxing champions, such as Mike Tyson, Miguel Cotto, and Manny Pacquiao, than for his career as a fighter.

20. Senior Volunteer

The elderly always need help even when they are billeted at retirement homes. Teenagers are a welcome sight for the elderly. They are exuberant and full of life; their energy easily lifts up the spirits of retirees.

However, volunteer work is not just available at retirement homes. The church and charity foundations also sponsor volunteer programs for the elderly. Ask your local parish or city council for their schedule and scope of activities.

In entrepreneurship, age knows no limits.

The only bad idea is the one that you didn’t act upon because living a life with regrets is worse than experiencing failure. These are just 20 small business ideas for teens. You may have other awesome ideas in your head. All you need to do is make one happen!

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