8 Best Franchise Businesses You Can Start in the Philippines


Franchising is one of the most popular businesses that you can do today since most of them have already built their own names in their industry. Thus, you just need to manage an already established business.

If you are planning to invest on franchising a business, you should do your research on how consumers look at their business. If you think it is all good, then you can have a go. Consumers tend to ignore business that they don’t know or are not familiar with.

Let this list guide you some of the best businesses that you can franchise here in the Philippines.

Best Franchise Businesses You Can Start in the Philippines

1. Food Cart Franchise

Food cart franchise business is the most common franchising business here in the Philippines. You will mostly notice them in every busy streets and mall.

There are different kinds of food carts, which are mostly franchised. Food cart franchise is a very good investment considering that you only need a small capital for it.

We are all aware that food is one of the necessities of any human. This is also the reason why most food carts franchises earn profit, aside from being very accessible to people.

2. Fast Food Restaurant Franchise

Fast food restaurants are very convenient to busy people. Many people who only have a short break or time from work rely for fast food restaurants to have their meals.

Filipinos love food by nature and fast food restaurant is one of the best franchise options which will surely give you profit. However, investing on the most popular fast food restaurant would be the best. A well-known fast food restaurant will not come cheap but the likelihood of success is very high.

3. Service-Type Franchise

This type of franchise business is very popular and very profitable. You might not be aware, but many businesses are of this type. These are businesses that offer services to people. The most popular ones are call centers, car wash, printing, and many other businesses that offer service. But not all service-type businesses are open for franchising.

Choose the best service-type franchise business that you think will fit in your area. Always research what will be the most effective business in your place to gain a higher chance of profit. The most common places for this are located at busy roads or at the center of the town. Though it is not cheap to franchise businesses of this type, you will have a good chance to be more successful compared with other businesses.

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4. Personal Care Franchise

This type of franchise business can apply to any product or service that is aligned with personal care. Usually, franchise business like this requires you to sell products. If you will research for the best product, then you might have higher chances of making it successful.

Popular products are usually easy to sell because many people and celebrities do the marketing for you. The good thing about this type of franchise is that the main company is doing the marketing for you while you only do the selling.


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