33 Best Home-Based Business Ideas in the Philippines


There is an entrepreneur inside all of us that wants to come out.

However, we are limited by our own fears and beliefs; thus, we prefer to follow the business ideals set by others. Entrepreneurs are driven by one thing: PASSION.

If you have a passion for an activity, a skill that has remained dormant, or assets that only gather dust, the spirit of entrepreneurship will find a way for you to monetize them.

You can jump-start your entrepreneurial journey with a home-based business that requires these passions and skills and utilizes assets instead of letting them succumb to depreciation.

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Before you start, it is advisable that you have three very important components in place:

  1. A fully functioning and mobile responsive website
  2. Accounts in the Big Three social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  3. Calling cards, printable brochures, and marketing materials

Finally, be prepared to network your services tirelessly during the first quarter of operations. You should get the word out, which means massive, ambitious online and offline networking activities.

Here are 33 ideas that you can consider for your home-based business in the Philippines.

Best Home-Based Business Ideas in the Philippines

1. Selling Products Online

From a plastic fork that was allegedly used by Michael Jordan to a potato chip that bears the likeness of US comedian Jay Leno, people make money by selling products online.

If you have talent with handicrafts or you plan to distribute a product in your region, going online opens a huge window of opportunity to find potential markets of buyers.

2. Freelance Writing

It is one of the basic skills that was taught to us while growing up. However, although everyone can write, not everyone can write a great, engaging content. Online job platform Elance cites “Writing Services” as the most in-demand service for freelancers.

3. Blogging

According to statistics, small businesses that have a blog generate 126% more leads than those that don’t. Blogging enhances your credibility, expertise, and reputation. Companies are in need of writers who can create relevant and engaging blogs for their business. Or, use your blog to earn both active and passive income.

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4. Build Websites

Of the companies that generate between US$ 2.5 to US$ 4.5 million, 67% own websites. Only 53% of small business owners have websites. However, given the increasing popularity of smart phones for Internet surfing, the demand for company websites is expected to skyrocket in 2015.

5. Business Coaching

The number one reason small businesses fail is lack of experience. If you have accumulated a wealth of experience managing or owning businesses and have developed a solid reputation in the industry, you can find a comfortable niche as a business coach.

6. Personal Training

The number one reason individuals who work out quit is because they don’t get results. If you have a passion for fitness and enjoy sharing your knowledge and expertise with others, personal training can be your calling. However, make sure you have the required accreditations and certifications before accepting clients.

7. Food Delivery

With traffic as bad as it is, people prefer eating at home or in the office. The only problem is having enough time for food preparation. Food delivery fills the niche for people who want great tasting, affordable home-cooked meals delivered fast and fresh at their doorstep.

8. Real Estate Agent

People are always on the lookout for properties to buy, and there are those who want their properties sold at their best value. If you want to become a real estate agent, attend seminars and sign up for training courses. You also need to acquire a certification from a real estate brokerage company to take the licensing exam from Department of Trade and Industry or DTI.

9. Health and Wellness

People are also looking for alternative ways to become fit and healthy. The most popular classes are for yoga and Pilates, which train body and mind. Similar to personal training, you should have proper certifications before offering your services.

10. Buy and Sell

If you have the eye for spotting value and the ability to negotiate, buy and sell may be the business for you. eBay is a popular online site for buying and selling items. Many people have made good money by buying items and selling them on eBay for profit.

11. Household Maintenance

Since 2009, most households have dual-income earners, which means the time for maintaining a house is insufficient. Household maintenance has become a popular business. Make sure that the people you contract are reliable and have a good reputation. You should also invest in updated cleaning equipment.

12. Photography

Various events are celebrated every single day. These events need an individual who has a talent to capture precious moments, which tell stories. Great photographers are also in demand to create professional-looking portfolios. Be prepared to invest in professional photography equipment, which can be very expensive.

13. Pet Care

People view their pets as members of the family, and funds for grooming, cleaning, and veterinary services are allocated in their monthly budget. Having the appropriate facilities to handle these pets and having experienced people under contract are important.

Veterinarians are open to accepting retention arrangements, and this will work if you have a large base of clients.

14. Pest Control

Who can tolerate cockroaches, insects, and vermin? Restaurants, offices, and households are the usual clients. You need to make sure that all chemicals and pesticides in this service receive the proper clearance from the appropriate implementing agencies. The great thing about pest control is you can offer monthly retention arrangements.

15. Car Mechanic

If you can have a best friend for life, it should be a good car mechanic! Everyone dreads having their car stall in the middle of nowhere. Being passionate about cars isn’t enough. Keep yourself updated by attending seminars and training programs. You should also invest in latest car repair tools and processes.

16. Music Instructor

Some people cannot absorb music instruction in classroom setting because feelings and emotion are integral in learning, and group sessions can be disruptive. This business is great if you have received formal training and if you are passionate about music.

17. Senior Care Business

The majority of the population is getting older, and not everyone wants to commit their parents to homes for the elderly. In this type of business, trust and reputation are critical.

It is not enough that the caregivers and nurses that you contract present the required certifications and updated clearances from the law enforcement authorities. Conduct due diligence and always check on references, such as past clients.

18. Car Restoration

In light of spiraling prices of brand new cars, the market for car restoration has experienced resurgence. Prospective clients here also include those who have been involved in accidents. A unique niche is those who want home service.

19. English Tutorial

The Philippines is widely reputed for its great command of the English language. The largest markets for English instruction come from Korea and Japan. In addition to having a college diploma and the requisite proficiencies in written and spoken English, you must be organized, systematic, and patient in dealing with your students.

20. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have come a long way from being secretaries and personal assistants. If you are organized, have credible phone handling skills, adept in social media, and can work flexible hours, a career in virtual assistance can be profitable. Virtual assistants are highly in demand and are paid well.

21. Tutoring

Parents are also looking for experts who can guide their children in achieving higher grade in selected subjects in school. Not all students excel in a classroom environment, and some require individualized instruction. If you will hire teachers, please check their certifications, references, and previous clients.

22. Home Security

The market for home security products and services has increased and reflects the current state of law and order of the country. In addition to the usual CCTV and lighting sensors, look to distributed products that are proven deterrents but not available in the industry. It would be a good idea to attend trade shows in the US that highlight the latest in home security devices.

23. Transcription

Doctors, lawyers, and businessmen are always in need of accurate and prompt transcribers. Taking some online or correspondence courses first before accepting projects is a good idea.

Accuracy is very important in transcription. An error in the choice of punctuation will make all the difference in a legal transcript and can cost your client. A misspelled term or name in a medical transcript will open your client to lawsuits. Make sure you have a reliable computer, a good headset, and enough bandwidth to support audio files.

24. Accounting Services

Companies are outsourcing accounting services to generate cost savings and to minimize risks of collusion within the organization. You have to buy licenses for the latest accounting software and must have a secure FTP site and fast but accurate encoders.

If you do not have a background in accounting, hire someone with an accounting degree and experience as your project manager. A CPA holder is not required unless you offer analysis of financial statements and auditing services.

25. Wedding Planner

Although seasonal, weddings are planned by couples months in advance. If you are highly organized and have a network of caterers, florists, pastry chefs, hotel reservation agents, photographers, and a team you can depend on, this can be the career for you.

26. Events Hosting

If you have a vibrant, optimistic, sociable personality and have a quick wit, this can be your calling. These characteristics are your advantage if your network includes contacts for party amenities, entertainment, celebrities, photography, and food retail.

27. Junk Removal

It’s a dirty job that not many people want to do; which is why you should consider getting into it. Your potential clients include households, offices, and local government units, which may award long-term contracts.

You need to assure clients of trucking facilities, warm bodies, and equipment to pull out items regardless of size and condition from the premises.

28. Moving/Logistics

If you own light trucks that are underutilized, you should get into moving business. You may be surprised at how difficult it is to book a moving company. This observation indicates good demand for these services. Potential clients include households and companies that need transportation services to haul cargo.

29. Personal Services

People who acquire personal services, such as personal chefs, personal trainers, and personal shoppers belong to a selected and specific niche market. Moreover, they have no reservations paying good money for convenience sake. If your network includes connections to the rich and famous, then this is a great opportunity for you.

30. Computer Repair

Many individuals depend on computers for their livelihood but not everyone knows how to troubleshoot. The good thing about computer repair is that there are programs that allow you to diagnose and implement repairs from a remote location.

31. Carpet Cleaning Services

If you have a large network of households and offices plus contacts in hotel industry, you can make good recurring income with this business. Be prepared to invest in the latest cleaning equipment and make sure that the chemicals and solvents that you use have been approved by the appropriate agencies.

32. Air-conditioner Repair Services

Air-conditioner is a necessity in a tropical country, such as the Philippines. On average, air-conditioners run six hours in a household, and some companies use their units 24/7. They are subject to regular maintenance and cleaning services. The people you contract for repairs must have experience handling air-conditioners of various types.

33. Dog Walking

This another niche service is slowly catching on. Owners love their dogs as if they are family. However, dogs need to be walked every day. Some dogs of a particular breed must be walked twice a day, and some owners may have no time to do this. If you love dogs, this is the business for you.

What’s your plan?

If the list did not include your specific skill or talent, don’t let it stop you from pursuing it.

When you’re starting out a business, your primary objective is to build your clientele, that is, your prices have to be competitive with the market. There are days when you may feel the amount of work rendered is not duly compensated. However, be grateful that you have a market to build on. Keep working to give your clients greater value for your services.

Success in business is not just about filling a need, finding a market, and addressing demand. If you love what you do, success will ultimately find you!

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