10 Best Payroll Bank Accounts for SMEs in the Philippines


Gone were the days when an employee used to get his salary in a white envelope or in a form of a paycheck. Now, receiving a monthly salary comes in a handy ATM debit card. One should only have to go to the nearest ATM kiosk and withdraw his money.

If you are an entrepreneur who is starting a small and medium enterprise (SME), keeping up with today’s business industry track is simple. You don’t want to be left behind when it comes to your business operations.

You can run it smoothly by opening a desired payroll bank account for your employees. With this, you can experience a hassle-free worker compensation.

“What are the banks that can manage my payroll?” you ask. Here are the 10 payroll bank accounts you can choose upon as an SME owner.

1. BDO Savings Account Payroll

BDO’s Savings Account Payroll is ideal for SMEs that prefer having a cash card or a regular savings account apart from a payroll account. With this, companies and business owners are benefited with automatic payroll processing and crediting.


  • Over 3,700 BDO ATMs in the Philippines where employees can withdraw their money
  • BDO cash card does not require an initial deposit and maintaining balance
  • Minimum balance to earn interest: P5,000
  • Interest rate: 0.375%
  • Withholding tax for interest gained: 20%
  • Account closure fee: P300

2. BPI Salary and Benefit Disbursement Facility

BPI has made its payroll processing accessible online. Employers are now able to pay salaries, commissions, allowances, and other employee benefits through the bank’s online payroll facility. This can be accessed by using a designated deposit account or prepaid card for employers. This card also allows automatic deducting of the owner’s funding account and adding wages to employees’ payment accounts.

Crediting your employees’ salary can be done by uploading a file on the BPI ExpressLink site. The file should contain all the wage earners’ BPI prepaid card numbers with their respective payout amount. Uploading should be accomplished seven days prior to your payroll due date to ensure a systematic and on-time payout. From this, BPI’s system will distribute funds from the employer’s funding account to each employee account. Once accomplished, employees’ ATMs are now cash withdraw-ready.


  • Transactions are trackable via downloadable reports
  • Allows transaction of up to 30 days to maintain flexible payroll preparations
  • Data encryption for secure transactions
  • Over 3,000 BPI ATMs in the country where employees can withdraw their salaries
  • No required maintaining balance
  • Employees can use their payroll account as a regular deposit account.

3. China Bank TellerCard Payroll and Online Payroll

China Bank offers TellerCard Payroll and Online Payroll for payroll crediting and processing. With these two options, SME owners can upload a file (also containing payout amounts of employees) to China Bank’s Online System. Employers can choose between an ATM savings account and a current account linked to an ATM card.

The Online Payroll credit processing usually takes an hour from the next cut-off time after the uploaded file is approved. While in TellerCard Payroll, employees’ salaries can be withdrawn the next day.


  • Dual password-security is built for a more secure banking
  • Debit and credit transactions are automatically posted for transparent payroll processing
  • Fund transfer, bills payment, funds checking, and other benefits of a regular China Bank deposit account are also available for employees with TellerCard payroll accounts

4. Maybank Payroll Master

With Maybank’s payroll system, opening an individual payroll account for employees is unnecessary for its processes and credits salaries directly into their ATM accounts. Its system can also formulate basic payroll and government reports.


  • Can be accessed with any programmed time-monitoring system
  • Other banks’ payroll services can also be integrated
  • Comes with multi-level access system for security, control, and confidentiality

5. Metrobank Paycard/Payroll Account

Metrobank’s integrated payroll services help SMEs with its business solutions. They minimize costs and paperwork to upgrade security in payroll operations. For a more convenient salary distribution, Metrobank has 20 regular payroll accounts or 50 paycards upon acquisition.

Metrobankdirect is an online banking transaction where you can credit your employees’ salary. For compensating your contract-based workers, Metrobank Paycard can be used. You can also use Metrobank’s ATM card to distribute commissions to your agents. There are over 2,200 Metrobank ATMs in the Philippines in which your employees can access their salaries.

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6. PNB Paywise

Distributing salaries and processing electronic payroll has been made easy with PNB. Its C@shnet can access your payroll file immediately after you upload it. Once done, your employees’ accounts are then credited. Keeping updates on your payment status can be done through downloading and printing the report itself. If the salary of an employee was unsuccessfully credited to its account, the fund is then transferred back to the employer’s payroll account.


  • There are PNB and Allied Bank branches in which employees can open their own payroll savings account
  • Over 900 PNB and Allied Bank ATMs where employees can withdraw their salaries

7. PSBank e-Credit

Employers can maximize PSBank’s fast, secure, and easy crediting of employees salary. Business owners can use their e-Credit account without having to maintain an Average Daily Balance (ADB). Viewing the current funding account balance gives the owner assurance that his account has adequate balance to pay his employees. Downloading and printing of employee master file, necessary government reports (in PDF format), and employee payslips are available in the system.

PSBank e-Credit can be accessed online. Their online crediting facility allows 24/7 crediting of employees’ salaries.

PSBank Prepaid Mastercard and PSBank Debit Mastercard are the choices employers can choose for their employees’ ATM card.


  • No initial deposit and maintaining balance required for PSBank Prepaid Mastercard and PSBank Debit Mastercard
  • PSBank’s online facility is capable of managing employees data

8. RCBC Employee Payment Services

RCBC’s payroll facility permits uploading a payroll file through RCBC Online Corporate (ROC), the bank’s online banking system. Employees’ accounts are then credited an hour after the file has been uploaded in the system.

SME owners can also save the payroll file in a storage device and go to the nearest RCBC branch to credit their employees account on the same day of the transaction.

9. UCPB CM Payroll

ATM savings for employees, checking account (passbook and ATM card included) for executives, and a reloadable cash card for contractual workers are the payroll accounts UCPB offers to companies and organizations. There is no maintaining balance required for cash card users. UCPB’s Payroll.Biz facility allows employers to upload their payroll files. Employees can withdraw their salaries from over 200 UCPB ATMs nationwide.

10. UnionBank ePaycard

UnionBank provides cashless and cost-efficient payment channel cards where salaries and incentives can be automatically credited via Megalink, Bancnet, Expressnet, and VISA. These cards are available not only in the Philippines but also overseas.


  • No required maintaining balance
  • ePaycard can be used for paying bills and shopping online


Being an SME owner makes you choose and decide the best type of bank account for your business. Come to think of the fact that these banks can ease your distress as they can manage your employees’ payroll and salary disbursement. It is wiser to consider the pros listed above for you to pick a bank that can provide your company’s needs.

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