8 Blogging Tips and Strategies for an Effective Content Marketing


There are so many ways on how to develop your business using the Internet, and one of those is using social media or social networking platforms. But in order to develop your business effectively, you must first have your own business website. People can easily browse and buy your products or services on your website.

Your business starts to develop when people begin to know you. As I’ve mentioned before, you can use social media or social networking site to develop your business; you can use Facebook, Twitter, and other famous social networking platforms to gather followers or customers.

When people are searching for a certain thing, they use search engines to find it. One good example of a search engine is Google. Posting reliable contents on social media platforms is the best way to gain traffic to your website. The more traffic you drive on your website, the more chance of seeing your website on search results.

If you already gain customers or followers, you must do something in order for them to stay with you. The best thing that you can do is to give them great information for free, so you need to start blogging. Since you are selling products or services, you need to create an article that is related on your market that will give customers or followers additional knowledge about your market.

Here are some blogging tips and strategies that you can use to make content marketing effective:

1. Word Count

The first thing you need to consider when creating an article is the word count. If you want your customers or followers to stay for a long time on your website, you need to create a long and evergreen article. You need to create at least 600- to 3000-word article.

An evergreen article has higher chance of ranking on search engines. It will also provide people various and complete information on a certain topic than any short articles.

2. Grammar

Yes! This is the most important thing you need to consider when creating an article. Even if you created an evergreen article, people won’t bother to continue reading if they don’t understand what you wrote.

When people like your blog or articles, they will definitely post a comment about what you wrote. If they don’t understand what you wrote and they didn’t get anything from it, you will get a bad comment instead of a good one.

3. Informative

If you were a reader, would you be satisfied on a blog that only has limited information? Of course not, you will definitely be satisfied on a blog that is very informative about a certain topic. You can say that your article is informative if readers don’t need to ask another question about your topic.

Basically, an informative article has all the details or info about a certain topic. For example, your title is “How to Create a Short Story”; you need to tell the readers how to create a short story from start to the end. When creating an informative blog, don’t give the readers the chance to ask questions about your topic. 

4. Original

If you want to gain more followers or readers on your blogs, make sure that your articles are all original and can’t be found on other websites or blogs. If you just copied an article from other blogs and pasted it on your own blog, your readers will definitely lose trust on you and they might transfer to other website because they already read the article that you posted and the worst is, search engines will penalize your website.

When creating an article, make sure the details or information that you include must not found on other blogs. One great tip on creating an article is to perform a research about your topic; you can use other blogs as reference but don’t copy them, just gain ideas.

5. Design

The design of your blog has also a great impact for readers. Make sure that the design of your article is good for your readers’ eyes. There are some people who won’t bother to read an article that has a messy appearance. When your article is done, add some images on every part that you think readers will have a hard time understanding especially if your article is about steps or tutorial.

Adding image on your article will make readers easily understand what you are trying to explain. The font size of your article is very important. You also need to consider the font style of your article, choose one that is easy to read.

6. Keywords

When creating an article, make sure that you think of the right keywords for your market. For example, you are selling products or services about beauty; you need to think of a keyword that is related about your market that leads searchers or people to your blog.

When people are searching for something, they type keywords on search engines. For example, a person is searching topics about clothes so he/she types the word T-shirt, all contents that have the word T-shirt will appear on search results. That is why keywords are very important on content marketing.

7. Guest Blogging

Another effective way on blogging or content marketing is to do guest blogging. You can search for some high-ranked websites that are somewhat related on your market and ask them if they can do guest blogging on their websites.

If they already give you permission to post your own article on their blog, don’t forget to put links back to your website so that you can acquire referral traffic to your website. You will also have the chance to gain followers from the website where you did guest blogging. Google penalizes low authority guest blog post so be careful on choosing where you want to do guest posting and crafting your contents.

8. Sharing

Our favorite. Publishing your contents doesn’t end there, you shall share it on all social media accounts you have, ask your friends and notify the people you’ve mentioned on your blog post so they can also share it.

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