7 Success Tips for Communicating and Keeping Clients in 2018

After dedicating hard work to completing assignments, applying for new freelance jobs and making phone calls you have a list of interested clients. The skill of finding clients is easy but building relationships to establish an assignment that will last for the entirety of your career requires work and dedication. Now, what do you do?

5 Actionable Tips on How We Run Our Remote Marketing Team

Running a marketing team requires a certain set of skills. Running a remote team requires a number of key approaches. So what about running a remote marketing team? How do the two things merge? Well, we’ve been running a successful remote marketing team for a good few years now and our processes and practices have

15 Habits of Truly Genuine People

For years we have been told that if we study hard, it will be easy to find a well-paying job. “Companies will line up to hire you,” they said. I’ve even been told, “You can write your own paycheck”. A glowing resume with credible experience and fine academic scores will get you noticed by hiring

6 In-Demand Careers in the Digital Age

As we get deeper into the digital age, companies are focusing more of their marketing budget on digital strategies. The result? In the Philippines, among the most hired professions on LinkedIn are software developers, marketing specialists, and IT support specialists. This is according to a report by LinkedIn. With these occupations come a high demand

10 Ways Outsourcing Can Save You Money

Before the emergence of the current technological boom, larger companies have been able to leverage their position on top through outsourcing. But now the world is connected in such a profound way that small businesses tend to gain the most advantages from outsourcing. Most notably, saving money is where the real advantage lies with outsourcing.