8 Important Money Lessons You Should Have Been Taught in School

There are plenty of things that the standard education system doesn’t really teach that well, and that includes how to manage one’s money. You would think one of the most important things in life that one has to learn should be taught in school from a young age, but too many people end up unable

5 Reasons Why Pinoys Overspend

How much a Filipino worker can save depends on how much money he or she makes to cover basic expenses. However, the 2015 World Bank survey suggests that education is also a factor on how we handle our finances. According to senior financial sector specialist, NataliyaMylenko: “The area of financial education came into light after

9 Ways to Fix Your Overspending Problems

It’s inherent for us humans to spend for our needs. However, we’re also prone to messing up our budget. Nonetheless, there’s no need to beat yourself up whenever you shell out money more than you intend to. Overspending is an issue, but it’s something you can work around. Admitting you have spending problems is the

Top 10 Investing Tips on How to Retire at 40

For sure you’ve heard the saying “Life begins at 40.” It sure will if you can retire at 40! The truth is you don’t have to wait until 65 to watch the grass grow or see the world via Royal Caribbean. I have friends who retired at 40; some of them are already in the

5 Consequences of Overspending

In a 2015 CBS News report, it was revealed that money is the leading cause of stress in America. As for us Filipinos, finances rank third on the list of stressors. In an open online poll conducted by CNN Philippines, some 14.5% of the respondents said that money makes them stressful. This includes the following: