6 Coworking Space Tips for Business Success


The coworking scene in the Philippines has grown over sixty percent since its beginning almost seven years ago. In this current incarnation, though, millennials happen to be the group of people frequenting these establishments. With a variety of coworking spaces available for professionals, the coworking establishment can really benefit from this community-focused brand of office space.

Coworking has numerous advantages for Filipinos including its cost-effectiveness. However, there are some unintended benefits including creating a base for building a business. Professionals can benefit from business growth by approaching these spaces in a more proactive way.

Continue reading to learn about the different ways you can build your business by utilizing a coworking space.

1. Get What You Want

The popularity of coworking in the Philippines relates these establishments recognizing the need to cater to the needs of the professionals who frequent these spaces. Of the many amenities, these spaces usually offer various options in a workspace, places to hold meetings, excellent Wi-Fi access, a café, and a sense of community. Servcorp coworking space in the Philippines is one example of a premium service provider that you might find in the country.

While these amenities usually come with space, many coworking spaces have tapped into the niche market, which provides specific services. For example, start-ups are a favorite of many coworking spaces because it allows the community to focus on helping new businesses grow. The startup is just one example of the way in which coworking spaces cater to various markets.

Coworking spaces can also be beneficial for more established businesses looking to branch out and expand their workforce. Many coworking spaces are used by companies that cannot facilitate an increase in employees within their own office space. Coworking spaces can be used as a separate branch, allowing for more room to grow, whilst also providing you a second location for client meetings and subsequent business.

2. Throw In A Little Community

No great coworking space is without community. The community forms the fiber that makes up coworking space. Good coworking communities host events for the members who comprise the space. These activities engender both the social and the business aspect of connecting with others; all of which are important elements when building on the existing foundations of your business and defining yourself as a force within your field.

This community culture determines a lot for those occupying the space. For one, it sets the tone for the types of events being held and it also sets the tone for participation by community members. To be successful, community members should attend all relevant networking events for the purpose of opening doors to other opportunities. At the same time, be an active participant in your coworking community because it can raise your profile in the community, which is always good for building partnerships.

3. Work Your Networking Mojo

Ask yourself, “why do people choose coworking spaces over traditional serviced offices?”. Although serviced offices have a considerable amount to offer in their own right, coworking spaces provide so many more possibilities to meet new people. This is absolutely vital when trying to turn a small or fledgling venture into a full-scale company, and the need for inter-business communication never stops being an integral part of business success.

The coworking space presents too many opportunities to network. The first place of contact that coworkers have is the workspace area where they can talk it up at the hot desk or the dedicated desks. Throw in the various community networking and social events, and you have built a solid foundation for making deeper connections.

With that said, spaces like this can only truly provide benefits for those that are willing to have these lines of communications open. This leads us to our next point…

4. Innovate And Collaborate

The culmination of all this socializing and networking inevitably ends in businesses having the opportunity to join forces with others in the space. Collaboration is the chance for you to learn, create, and grow as a business while working with others in this nurturing environment. Moreover, the collaboration culminates in raising your business’s profile.

No successful business exists in a vacuum, and to ensure that your services have the widest reach, it’s vital that you make connections. This is one of the pivotal advantages of coworking spaces, as the close proximity with other innovators within the business landscape gives you the perfect chance to broaden your horizons.

Not only do these connections allow for more networking, but they also give you the chance to take your services to the next level. Different industries mean different backgrounds and experiences. By communicating and collaborating with different companies, you can use the information gathered to further improve your own services.

5. Parlay The Space Into More Space

The next step in establishing your business is to look for ways to expand your market. The coworking space is so cost-effective that you could essentially operate your business a few days a week in another location to get more exposure and to build your business. Space’s rental contracts are flexible enough to provide you with enough room to downsize if the business does not pan out in the location.

6. Use the Resources Available to You Effectively

Coworking spaces are known for providing more than just a seat to work in. With services ranging from ample desk space to unlimited internet, there is a lot of value to be found in a simple organization. Instead of a set and forget method of distributing employees, it’s best to think strategically about who will work best where. If, for example, some of your employees work best in silence and low-noise environments, the simple act of placing them in more isolated areas can work wonders for your business productivity.

Additionally, if your business goes between coworking spaces and remote working, utilizing the high-speed internet available to you as much as possible can be invaluable. Ensure that you’re scheduling tasks that require high levels of internet use so that you can get the most out of the services provided to you. It may seem small in the grander scheme of things, but if you’re paying for space, it’s best to

Tips For Your Coworking Success

While the running of your business from a coworking space is no less difficult, coworking can create opportunities for growth. The coworking space provides businesses with a well of resources in terms of the types of people that adopt the coworking format and space’s diversity. You are also provided with a wealth of new perspectives and ideas, with the ability to create strong bonds with businesses both within and outside of your field of expertise.

Finally, by using the coworking space’s multiple features, the time between opening your business and seeing real financial gains is lessened. This gives you the chance to focus your funds on things that really matter, like hiring new staff, increasing your capabilities as a venture, and growing your business. While the road to success can be difficult to navigate in the business world, by utilizing the benefits available to you through serviced offices, you are already on the right track. Good luck!

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