5 Tips on How to Generate Leads for your Home-Based Business


Home business is becoming popular to most people today. Filipinos are fond of carrying out home businesses since it is very hard to find a job in the country. Those people who have a hard time getting a job tend to do their own business to gain income.

It is common for them either to create their own product or to remake existing merchandise, which they will sell later. Other than that, they can also offer services as their business. But whatever it is, you can always start it from home.

Most people want their home-based business to cater to international market and clients. Capitalizing products or services here in the Philippines will contribute minimal earnings, that is why most home-based workers seek in the global market. This move is particularly applicable with service-oriented businesses.

If you want more clients or leads for your business, here are some of the effective tips on how to generate leads for your home-based business.

Tips on How to Generate Leads for your Home-Based Business

1. Create Your Own Website

A website is a very important element of success when it comes to business especially if you want to look for potential clients or leads. A website can contain anything; but for business purposes, keep it neat and as professional as possible. Also, it should contain the necessary information about your business and on how they can reach you.

Ensure that essential information is included since this is the only way how leads or potential clients can reach you. A good website can attract lots of customers even on the first view of the site. So be sure to make a website that is suitable with your business.

2. Create a Template for Your Proposal

Generating leads can be a pain. However, if you do the right thing and give the best effort, then things can go smoothly. But do not forget that when getting leads, you need to prepare necessary things, like a template for your proposal.

When you offer your product or services in the Internet, make several templates that are applicable for any situation. However, creating may not be enough. You can search for sample templates to ensure that you get it right. If your template is not good enough, change it. The better the proposal, the higher chance of getting leads. So be sure to prepare and spend some time doing this.

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3. Use Social Media

Getting leads can be tough. But if you know where you can find them, it will be easy. Social media is a good place to start if you’re having a problem to get clients. Social media have changed and improved a lot when it comes to communicating with other people.

There are various popular social media platforms where you can get your potential leads. Though there are different platforms, they share the same goal for business—to have as much exposure as possible.

  • Facebook
    Facebook is the leading social media platform today. When it comes to business, it has lots of features to use. Facebook is also popular even with big brands. This is enough proof that you can get a lot of possible leads by just using this platform.
  • Twitter
    Though not as strong as Facebook, Twitter also belongs at the top. You can also communicate effectively to your consumer using this microblogging site, thus, you can also use this to get leads. This platform is known for its real-time communication features.
  • Pinterest
    Pinterest is also an interesting platform, but it works best for business owners who sell products. This platform is like a pin board wherein you can pin all the interesting things that you want for people to see. In your case, you might want to post things that you offer.

Other suggested social media platforms: YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.

4. Do Content Marketing

This is one of the best things that you can do to get leads without even contacting them; instead, they will be the one who will contact you. To do this, you must have a blog or a website where you can post contents. Most people look on the Internet to find what they are looking for.

You need to share contents or articles about what you do or create information that will help your target audience. By doing this, search engine can give you an opportunity to be at the top of the search results. Also, if readers learn something from your contents, they will view you as an expert on what you do.

5. Practice Your Pitch and Convert Leads to Sales/Client

Turning leads to clients is one of the hardest parts in business. You will need a good personality and a plan before engaging a pitch to potential client or lead. You need to spend your time practicing how to talk to the client, research about their business and on how to deal with different people.

Also, you need to know what you are saying or you might get in trouble and fail to close the sale. Be honest at all times, because everything you say will be assumed correct.

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