5 Guaranteed Ways to Make Easy Money in the Philippines


Easy money could be elusive if you have limited resources especially if you don’t have enough time to work as a part-time employee or to put up your own lemonade stand. While working at a part-time job is the most conventional option here in the Philippines, you still need to spend some money for requirements is barangay clearance or health certification. But what if you really need it, ASAP?

If you are late for rents, short for your tuition fee, or need an emergency fund, write these down to make easy money.

1. Babysitting or house-sitting

If you are bored and you have a lot of free time, offer your time to those who are in need—exhausted moms and dads! If you know parents who don’t have helpers or babysitters, tap them and ask if they need someone to watch their kids or the house for a couple of hours while they are away. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Please note that you must have a health clearance issued by your local community center before offering your babysitting/house-sitting services.

2. Look for online work

If you don’t have the patience to babysit or to house-sit, perhaps take advantage of the digitalization by working online. You can find gigs at freelancer.com, fiverr.com, or odesk.com. If you are good in creative writing or website development, your skills are absolutely in demand. Although you don’t have the usual government-mandated benefits, you have the liberty to just work from home and you don’t go through the hassle of commuting every day.

3. Do the online surveys

While this isn’t common in the Philippines yet, getting paid by answering surveys is considered a legal and relatively decent job. Some research companies hire people to answer online questionnaires, which are vital to their studies. According to Savethestudent.org website, an online resource for students who are in need of money, considered online survey as the quickest cash provider. It was also mentioned that you could get paid by watching videos, playing online games, or by simply surfing the web!

4. Garage sale

If you’ve got lots of items that are unused or clothes that don’t fit anymore, holding a garage sale is guaranteed easy money. Depending on the items that you will sell, you can come up with something to get you by for the next few days. You can sell anything during the garage sale; however, the commonly sold items are clothes, books, used tools, second hand appliances, and children’s stuff, such as strollers, car seat, and cribs.

5. Pawn your gadget or stuff

Ultimately, this is the fastest option. All you have to do is go to the pawnshop, have your item appraised— depending on how valuable it is—voila, money is ready in no time! These pawnshops accept items such as jewelries and gadgets, such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

Musical instruments, such as electric guitars, are also welcome. Pawnshops usually give an ample time (1 or 2 months) for you to redeem the item with interest. The best part is, some pawnshops are available online, too! So, if you are lazy or shy to visit an actual pawnshop, try doing it online.

Making money has never been this easy. Why go through the hassle of borrowing from relatives and friends if you have these options, right?

Among the five guaranteed ways, which one you think is the quickest?

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