15 Habits of Truly Genuine People


For years we have been told that if we study hard, it will be easy to find a well-paying job. “Companies will line up to hire you,” they said. I’ve even been told, “You can write your own paycheck”. A glowing resume with credible experience and fine academic scores will get you noticed by hiring managers everywhere.

But over the last few years, more companies have placed more emphasis on the behavioral component than just technical and fundamental competence. Talent is no longer enough. Companies want genuine people on their team.

In the context of human resources, genuine people are those who are in-touch with their emotional intelligence. They are authentic in how they feel and react to other people, their environment, and the organization. In doing so, they can tell if others are being truthful or sincere with their intentions.

Businesses want people who subscribe to the same core values because it becomes easier to find talent who share the same purpose and vision. Having aligned values, purpose and vision is a powerful thing. You have an organization run by people who are always thinking about the general good. They will navigate fearlessly through difficulty because they are confident, fearless and selfless. They talk less and do more.

Think about it. In your experience, you have come across different types of supervisors, managers, and bosses. Which one do you follow? The one who talks too much but does nothing? Or the one who says little but sets an example by performing big time?

A culture that is propagated by genuine people creates an environment of leaders. Here are 15 habits of truly genuine people.

1. They Don’t Crave Attention

Genuine people are confident. They know what they are capable of; aware of what they can do that they don’t need the validation of others.

People who are insecure crave attention because they are aware of their limitations or shortcomings and are always finding ways of covering them up. You know who they are.

During meetings, they are the ones who will do everything in their power to please the boss. They will laugh unnaturally at every quip. They will raise their hands at every opportunity to deliver the most head-scratching opinions and obvious answers. What they are doing is to use the venue to scream “Look at me! I’m the main guy here!” But once the meeting is over, they retreat into their shell and continue to be unproductive.

2. For them, It’s All About Apples and Oranges

Genuine people accept the fact that people are different. You can’t expect everyone to like you, so why bother trying?

People will always have opinions on others and unfortunately, most of the time these don’t have merit. It doesn’t matter what you try to do; some will have a preconceived notion of who you are and you can’t change that.

For genuine people, it’s either you like me or you don’t. Either way will be fine. They will not go out of the way to make you like them. If they did, they will leave themselves vulnerable to manipulation.

Genuine people know they serve a higher purpose in life than worrying about other people’s perceptions of who they are.

3. “You Can Fool Some People Some of the Time…”

Genuine people can see right through you. They will know if what you are saying doesn’t add up. This is because they have a grounded perception of reality. It is not because genuine people are less trusting.

They recognize honesty as a non-negotiable core value. They are firm believers in the saying, “If something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”

Genuine people will be a nightmare for scammers. They will not be able to land them hook, line, and sinker. Every selling point will be challenged, uncovered, and shot to pieces.

4. They Accept and Love Who They Are

Genuine people are comfortable in their own skin. In a way, they have their own sense of style and it manifests in how they conduct themselves to others.

They don’t let other people try to change them, especially if these are not warranted. Who they are is a result of decades of experience in all the different facets of life.

They have gone through periods of success and failure. They have accepted their strengths and weaknesses, good behaviors, and faults. The experiences have molded them into the people they are today.

And they would want nothing less!

4. They Are Not Enablers

If you can’t handle the truth, find an enabler (or people who encourage negative behavior in another).

Genuine people will tell it like it is. Sometimes people want you to say what they want to hear. Most of the time, it will not be the right thing to do. It is hard, to tell the truth, because as the saying goes, “the truth hurts.” But genuine people care about others genuinely. They want you to be happier and better off.

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The reality is the road to salvation can sometimes take you through a rocky path. Even if you get a harsh dose of reality, always trust that a genuine person will not let you take this journey by yourself.

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