Top 10 Home Based Part Time Online Jobs


It is estimated that there are at least 800,000 home based workers in the Philippines. The number could be much higher as online job platform Elance estimates 1/8 of their 8 Million strong group of freelancers are from the Philippines. In the same report it stated that in 2013, home-based workers contributed Php3.3 Billion to the Philippine economy. This amount represents 22% of the contribution of the entire BPO industry!

In an interview with business news correspondent Kathy Ireland, Artisan Talent CEO Bejan Douraghy shared the interesting statistic that only 1.7% of candidates in the US job market were assessed as “qualified” for the available job openings. Contrast this number with the 6.2% from six years earlier. It is obvious that even in the most powerful economy in the world there is an issue on talent quality.

Douraghy continues that in Artisan Talent, 1/3 of their roster is made up of freelancers who are alternatively referred to as home-based workers. Douraghy estimates that by 2020, their roster will be composed of 50% home-base workers.

This statistic corresponds with a 2014 finding that the US workforce of many Fortune 500 companies is 30% to 45% home-based workers. This number is expected to rise as more consumers are becoming more dependent on mobile technology to manage day-to-day life and work responsibilities.

Statistics aside, home-based workers are among the happiest people I know. All of them used to run the 9-to-5 grind. When things got rough at work, they took home based part time online jobs to augment their income. Today they are full time in their home based work and have no regrets.

Here’s a “partial” list of why they are happier as home-based workers:

  • They SAVE more money. A regular employee who earns gross income of Php18,000 will net Php5,000 after taxes, deductions on benefits, food and transportation have been made. A home based worker who earns Php18,000 will net around Php12,000. Direct costs of business are only power, The Internet, and supplies.
  • They are less stressed. Home based workers do not have to deal with traffic, parking, and office politics. They control their own time and schedule. Those who are parents can spend more time with their children.
  • They EARN more money. A home based worker can take in as many jobs as his or her schedule would fit. In the above example, the home based worker who nets Php12,000 per client will net Php48,000 because his costs will be spread throughout his projects.

Thus, if you want to improve your income position consider taking a home based part time online job. Here are 10 of the best online jobs for you to consider in a part-time capacity:

1. Virtual Assistant

For small business owners, virtual assistants are a godsend. I have worked with virtual assistants and found them treasured in managing my business. From an entrepreneur’s point of view, here are the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant:

  • Streamlines cost of operation
  • Increases rate of productivity
  • Improves business flexibility
  • Improves quality of work
  • Reduces levels of stress

The demand for virtual assistance services will continue to increase because businesses regardless of size or type of industry will always look for ways to run efficient operations. As you can see, hiring a Virtual Assistant addresses the two components of the profit equation: cost and revenues.

If you are organized, have good communication skills, proficient in written and spoken English, have considerable knowledge on MS Office and various online programs, can handle long, unpredictable hours and most importantly have a great disposition, consider virtual assistance as your home based part time online job.

On average, first-time virtual assistants earn US$3 per hour. Many handle three clients per day and average 6 to 8 hours of work from Monday to Friday. The more experienced virtual assistants average US$5 to US$7 per hour.

2. Blogging

Blogging is proof-positive that the pen is mightier than the sword. The statistics on blogging as a business development strategy are overwhelmingly in its favor:

  • Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links
  • B2B marketers generate 67% more leads
  • 61% of consumers share their decision to purchase was influenced by a blog
  • Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads
  • 81% of consumers trust information from a blog

Many companies outsource blogging because it is not a core function and most do not allocate a budget for in – house marketing services. Blogging is not merely a writing activity. As a blogger, you should have the ability to create fresh, unique and relevant content that will compel the reader to action.

You should also have an understanding of how to use keywords. These are the most often used words or phrases for launching a search query. Keywords will help your blog get found online.

If you want to make blogging your home based part time job, take note of these tips:

  • Research, read and study the writing styles in popular blog sites.
  • Practice writing every day.
  • Shore up your English writing skills.
  • Have your blogs proof-read by someone you trust
  • Blog from your social media accounts and see how your community responds. LinkedIn is a great social media network to use for blogging.

Bloggers are paid per word. Many bloggers start out at US$ 0.01 per word and with experience can work their way up to US$ 0.02 per word. Ideally, a blog post should be 1,600 words long.

Start out with one blog project per day then work your way to 3-4 blogs per day. Your income will improve from Php16,192 to Php64,760 per month!

3. Digital Marketer

Digital technology has created a shift toward efficiency, and this includes the field of marketing and promotion.

While traditional marketing and advertising methods continue to be utilized, the fact remains these are inefficient. A study made by YouGov for the business consultancy firm Deloitte revealed that 86% of viewers skip television advertisements.

Traditional methods of marketing such as the use of flyers, streamers, and posters are intrusive and unsustainable. Personally, when an agent hands me a flyer, I don’t accept it unless I am interested.

It’s not because I am rude or arrogant. But these agents spend for the production of these flyers. To receive one for the purpose of being respectful is being a hypocrite. If you want to help the agent, allow him or her to give it to someone who will use it and not throw it in the trash can.

A more efficient and effective method is digital marketing which uses online tools to design marketing and promotional strategies. These strategies are not expensive to run, sustainable and depending on the type of campaign are not intrusive.

You can be a digital marketer if you are familiar with the following online disciplines:

  • Web Design/ Development
  • Web Analytics
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing Process

A digital marketer usually works with a team that includes a web designer or developer, content writer, and a social media assistant.

Fees for digital marketing typically range from US$ 5 per hour or a fixed amount that covers the payment for the team. The amount will depend on the extent of the campaign.

My company has carried out digital marketing campaigns that cost US$1,500 to US$5,000 per month.

4. Transcription

I am very familiar with transcription because this was the first campaign my company handled.

At the time, I had three fantastic transcribers with me. They were more like “trans-editors” because they had several years experience editing transcription work.

Before I launched the campaign, I had to study transcription for three months. I went through various audio materials and transcribed them into text. Part of the preparation included reviewing basic English writing and grammar.

I suggest that if you want to become a transcriber, take the time to shore up your English skills and go through transcription classes. Even though I had transcribers, I used my training to set up the 2nd tier for Quality Control.

In the transcription industry, a mistake may end up costing your client money and potentially, his or her career. My transcribers were great, but I could not take chances.

I had my IT manager set up a proxy server in my house which functioned as the FTP for the project. It was highly secure and easy to access by the client and the transcribers. Then I switched to cloud-based FTP; first Accellion then DropBox. But the proxy server remained as my CRM.

Transcribers get paid around US$0.04 per line. The best transcribers can average 650 lines per day.

I did a study back in 2010 on home based transcribers. Many averages at 1,000 lines per day because they are less stressed, generally happier and have more time than office-based transcribers.

Imagine making US$ 880 or Php40,480 per month from the comforts of your home! You will need to invest in a good PC, foot pedal, top of the line headset and have a backup ISP for contingency.

5. Data Entry

This is a volume based part time job. Clients will typically not pay a high rate for data entry work, but if you have enough volume, this could be a stable home based part time online job.

On the average, clients pay a rate per hour that is subject to volume of work and accuracy level. If you plan to get into Data Entry, you should always conduct due diligence on clients. Many scammers on the Internet will either ask you for upfront payment or refuse to pay unless you complete the project first.

If you are proficient in spreadsheet programs, have fast typing skills and an eye for detail, data entry may be the part-time job for you.

6. Web Design

Believe it or not, even in this day and age of the Internet and social media, only 53% of small businesses have websites. A website is your business address online; it is where people on the Internet go to find you.

At a time when mobile technology has taken over the PC as the primary source of online traffic, owning a website becomes of paramount importance. Consumers have grown mobile dependent; everything they need or have to search for is done through handheld devices.

With smartphones expected to increase exponentially over the next five years, there will be a greater need for mobile responsive websites. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be 6.1 Billion smartphones operating worldwide.

Some people taught themselves website design before starting a home based past time online business. But it would be better to take formal courses so you can create a better product.

To give you an idea of how much web designers make, I have hired website designers who charge US$5 per hour for a total of 40 hours work. The website must be turned over in two weeks and be fully functional. I also negotiate free retention services for the first two months after official launch.

The hourly rate will be much higher if the web designer does advanced coding on the site.

7. Market Research

Market Research is a skill that is very much in demand from clients both local and foreign. It is also very demanding for the researcher because you have to meet tight deadlines and still take great care that all your information has been validated, checked and re-checked.

We’ve accepted many market research projects majority of which come from Europe. I do most of the market research, but I had to contract two more market researchers to handle the workload.

Most of the research covers the financial markets, real estate investments, drawing up business development plans including business plans for presentation to investors and health and fitness.

My market researchers are paid a rate of US$3 per hour but subject to timelines and accuracy. I set milestones for them to achieve and prorate payment based on what they have submitted. On average they make around Php12,000 per month.

8. Customer Service Representative

Many foreign clients are looking for Filipino Customer Service Representatives. This is because more businesses are finally recognizing the importance of customer service in establishing brand loyalty.

In today’s globally competitive environment, managing a successful business isn’t just about opening new markets. It is also about retaining and building upon existing ones.

To become effective in customer service work you must be well versed in the following areas:

  • English communication
  • Writing/ Creating e-mails
  • Chat support
  • Phone handling

You should also have a great disposition because for the most part you will be dealing with irate customers.

Clients will expect you to have a reliable Internet connection, stable headset and you should be well versed in programs such as Skype, Asana, Slack, and DropBox.

The standard rate for CSR agents is US$ 3 per hour. Work schedule is usually 4 hours per day and five days a week.

9. E-Book Writer

Companies are also coming up with e-books primarily as a call- to- action in their websites.

I have written some e-books for clients on a range of topics such as sports psychology, real estate investment, technical analysis in trading, small business and outsourcing.

Personally, the challenge in writing e-books is getting each chapter to flow with the others. I always review previous chapters to make sure there is continuity in the main idea and that the reader is kept progressing along the content.

You also have to verify the sources of your references and do not hesitate to explore other avenues for research. For the e-book on technical analysis, even though I studied technical trading and was, in fact, a SEC licensed trader in the 90’s, I still had to consult with friends in the industry.

The fees for writing e-books is higher than blogging or article writing because of the amount of research you have to do. On average, a beginner in writing e-books should charge US$0.015 per word. An e-book usually starts out at 3,000 words.

The largest one I did was for outsourcing which reached 25,000 words.

10. English Tutor

If you noticed many pay-per-click ads on English tutorial services are appearing on the Internet especially on Facebook. This is because the demand for English tutors is high. Most of the clients are coming from South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and China.

Keep in mind that I used the word “tutor” not “teacher”. There has to be a distinction between the two disciplines. A teacher is a licensed professional; he or she has undergone formal instruction from a university and has taken and presumably passed a licensure exam.

English tutors are individuals who do not have a teaching degree but are nonetheless qualified by taking and passing required courses.

If you want to become an online English tutor, it would be best to take courses to certify your qualification to teach the language. It is a good way to professionalize your image and increase the value proposition to your clients.

How much would you make as an online English instructor? Many of these ads claim Php35,000 per month, but that amount is congruent with full-time tutors.

One of the personal trainers at my gym is a home based part time English teacher. He shared that he worked an average of four hours a day from Monday to Friday. His students are from Japan. According to him, he averages Php18,000 per month.

Start a home based part time online job

Back in 2013, people I knew scoffed at the idea of transitioning work from an office set up to a home based set up. In my opinion, individuals who disregard offsite operations as representative of the Lean Management and TQM protocols only subscribe to the image of how a business should look like and not how it should be like.

Today, many companies worldwide even the most successful corporations recognize how home-based workers can help them improve the bottom line. Taking a home based part time online job could be your first step toward a long-term career as an entrepreneur.

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