How I Earned 190,957 PHP (US$4,062.93) on a Single Blog


This is the 100th post of Tycoon Philippines ( thereafter), and I want to make it extra special.

If you are one of the people who follow me and my other blogs for quite some time, you probably know that I have been blogging since 2006 and have been experimenting with monetizing blogs since 2008. You also know that success didn’t happen overnight. In fact, I received my first blogging award (with a trophy) after 9 long years since I started.

Other than my personal blog, is probably the most successful blog I created, which has received huge readership and website traffic. It’s funny to see that, when I launched it 18 months ago, it was only receiving as low as 20 visits per day and earning 80 PHP per month!

At present, generates a minimum of 20,000 PHP per month on one monetization model alone through an advertising placement service by Google, which is called AdSense.

Due to Google AdSense TOS, I can’t publicly show you the total earnings I had since I launched this site up to December 2015 (It’s US$4,062.93 though). If you are very keen to see it, you may email me (I receive more than 500 emails daily but I’ll try my best to respond).

Anyway, here’s the payment I received for my December 2015 earnings (which I can show). Yup, you can say that this blog can earn 240,000-300,000 PHP per year on Google AdSense alone.


UPDATE: Here’s the latest payment I just received today for my January 2016 earnings.


So, the question is, is this success achievable by ordinary bloggers? The answer is YES! In this special article, I’ll be sharing with you the five strategies I’ve used to earn $4,062.93 or around 190,000 PHP on a single blog.

1. Create pillar contents

When I was invited to be one of the public speakers on iBlog11, which was held last year at U.P. Diliman, I told my audience that pillar contents are one of the things that every blogger should create to increase blog readership.

Pillar contents make your readers glued and make them keep asking for more. These articles are written with the highest quality possible, which can serve your readers well.

2. Invest in evergreen contents

The most significant difference of blog with the other blogs that generate passive income through AdSense is content.

You see, many media start-ups focus on publishing trivial stuff, celebrity news, and gossips. This stuff doesn’t make people become better. They don’t help people decide, and they don’t influence lives to become better.

In, we are different. We believe in the power of evergreen and high-quality contents and in the ability of these contents to help people for many years to come. creates only evergreen contents to serve its audience continually. Thus, even if you read something posted in 2014, the information presented in this article continues to be valuable for 3–10 years.

3. Use design to improve your income

Whether you are using AdSense, affiliate links, direct advertising banners, or any other monetization method, leveraging design is always helpful to potentially increase your income.

Example: One of my blogs earns through affiliate commission, and the main marketing channel that I use to convert my readers is e-mail. I prioritize my main call-to-action through the help of my site design to focus on e-mail list building and nothing else.

Doing so helps me gather many e-mail subscribers whom I can convert and guide as my readers to the first step of the sales and marketing funnel that I’ve setup on my blog.

4. Follow the 80–20 content marketing rule

When it comes to content promotion and productivity, I always follow the 80–20 content marketing rule. This rule means that you should spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of your time promoting it to gain readership.

Example: If it took me 1 day to write a new content, I’ll make sure to spend at least 4 days promoting it. Unless you already have massive followers, you need to remember that no one will ever read your content (even if it’s the best in the world) if you don’t promote it as hard as you can.

5. Build partnerships and relationships

If there is one marketing strategy that works really well to get website traffic fast, then that is relationship building with other influencers to leverage their existing fan base.

Example: If someone informed me that he/she created a valuable article to my audience and linked this article to my blog, I’ll be glad to share this post/article to the 1million readers that I gained through networks.

In case you didn’t get the sample scene, here’s what you need to do as someone who wants to build a relationship with an influencer:

  • Find influential persons or bloggers with a good amount of followers and subscribers.
  • Create an article that you think is valuable to your readers and their readers as well.
  • Link to them. You may also e-mail them to ask for quote/strategies/tips that you can add to your post.
  • Inform them that your newest post is live and that you’ve mentioned them.

If 20 influential people, who have 1 million active subscribers each, shared your post, what do you think will happen? Prepare for a big website traffic flood!

The coolest thing about this strategy is that you’ll be receiving a free marketing service with influencers simply by linking or mentioning them. Plus, if multiple influencers shared your post, the active audience who loved it will probably become one of your audiences too.

Helpful Resources from my Personal Blog:

A New Milestone

The strategies presented earlier can be used not only for bloggers but also for everyone who uses a blog as a marketing tool.

Today, we have reached a milestone and created a new milestone while keeping our mission alive. will always inspire and empower people with information that can help their business and careers. Happy 100th post!

I will be vlogging starting on September 2018. Make sure to follow me on my YouTube channel to stay updated with the latest content on Creative Work, WordPress, Financial Independence, and some behind-the-scenes of my lifestyle as an Entrepreneur.

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