6 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Maintain your Followers


Are you planning to start an online business? Well, if you do, you need to think of a strategy on how to gain customers. Maybe that’s the first question that will come in your mind: “How can I gain costumers?”.

Since you are starting an online business you also need to gain customers or followers online. One great tool on gaining followers or customers is Facebook. Lots of business owners create a Facebook business page for their marketing.

There are lots of social networking platforms nowadays that you can use for business, but why Facebook? Well, aside from Facebook is the leading social media platform that has many users, it has a special feature that are specially made for business.

When you already start gaining customers or followers, the next thing you need to do is to maintain or increase your followers. Remember that if you have lots of followers, you will surely have lots of customers. Below are some tips on how to maintain your Facebook followers.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your Facebook followers:

1. Facebook Publishing

This is the first thing you need to do in order to maintain your followers. You need to choose the right strategy for your Facebook Publishing Campaigns.

For example, you are an E-commerce; make sure that you post the image of your products. But not just image, you also need to include some information about the product that you post. If your business provides service, post something that is related about your services.

You can also create your own video on how to use the products that you sell. Make sure that the video that you create is not so long. Most people won’t finish watching it.

2. Make your post interesting or entertaining

When posting Info-graphic on your Facebook page, you need to consider the size and the design of it. Most users will just stop scrolling on their news feed if they see something interesting or attractive. The main goal why you post contents is to gain followers and the best way you can do is to attract users.

You can possibly increase your followers if your current followers shared what you posted, and in order for your followers to do it, you need to post some interesting contents. You can also post something that will keep your followers entertained. You can ask some questions that are related on your business etc.

3. Post Events or Promos

This is one of the most effective ways on how to attract and how to increase your followers. You can Post some events or promos especially if you are an E-commerce. For example you are selling smart phones; you can create an event like the 10,000th liker will receive a brand new smart phone.

You can also post some promos. For example you will sell one of your products that is discounted. Most of your followers will surely share that post especially if they know someone that really liked the product that is discounted, and Yes! The possible thing that will happen is your post or promo will become viral, you will gain followers or customers and you will surely earn.

4. Keep your followers Updated

If you have new products or services, you need to update your followers. It is very important to keep your followers updated. You cannot assure that your followers don’t follow other Facebook pages that have the same market as yours.

If you don’t post updates about your products, the possible thing that will happen is they will unlike your page and they’ll just focus on the Facebook pages that always post updates. There are also times that your followers can’t see what you posted because of the time.

So this is what you should do.

  • Check Insights

By using Facebook Insights, you will know if your strategy is effective and you will also be able to know the time where most of your followers are active or online.

  • Schedule your post

After you learn the time where most of your followers are online, schedule your post on those times. It is a good idea to post at least three times a day. It is not a problem if you are busy on other matter; Facebook has a special feature wherein you can schedule them any day or any time you want.

  • Always post something new

When posting contents, this is the main thing that you must always remember. Users always want something new. For e-commerce, you can post same products if it is on sale or best seller. If you always post the contents you already posted which is totally the same as your previous post, the possible thing that will happen is your followers will just transfer to another Facebook page because they don’t see new things from you.

5. Informative Contents

It is very important to post informative contents for your followers. Post contents wherein your followers can gain knowledge or tips about your products or services.

If you give something to your followers, you will definitely have something in return. As I’ve mentioned before, users won’t follow your page if they don’t benefit on you.

6. Feedback

Feedback from your followers or clients has a big effect on your marketing. If your products are low quality or your service is not good, the possible thing that will happen is your followers or customers will give you negative feedback.

If your Facebook page gains lots of negative feedback, your other followers will lose trust on you and they will surely look for another page with same market as yours. Feedbacks are one of the proofs why people should trust you or not.

As the manager of your own Facebook page, you also need to be active and answer the questions of your followers. There are times that when you post, followers will ask something about it. It is very important to respond immediately to your followers.

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