15 Tips on How to Improve Employee Productivity


Being an employee brings different emotions and moods. Therefore, business owners should consider these things and try to understand that employees are also human.

Productivity in the business is one of the main elements of success. If you disregard your employees’ feelings and opinions, productivity will possibly decline together with your business. Below are simple tips on how to improve employee productivity.

Tips on How to Improve Employee Productivity

1. Establish Tasks and Goals

Establishing tasks and goals for your employees are common ways of improving your employees’ creativity. Some business owners let their employees do a job without telling the specific goal or task. The absence of specific instruction will cause confusion as employees won’t know what task was done and what was not.

Setting the tasks of your employees can benefit the process of your business. This step speeds up the process since they will be aware of the specific task to do, thereby improving their productivity.

A goal is important when it comes to business. Awareness of the company’s goal causes employees to exert more effort on what they do especially if they will be motivated to achieve it. Employees adjust if they feel that that existing efforts fall short to reach their goal.

2. Reward the Deserving

Incentives should be given to employees who do their best and to those who stand out among the others. Do you remember the feeling of receiving an incentive because of your hard work? This is the same emotion that you should let your deserving employees feel.

So why do you need to give incentives?

Incentives make them feel special. Being recognized at work promotes bonds in the workplace. In addition, it keeps them motivated on what they do because they look forward for the reward in exchange of their hard work.

Though it is good to give them an incentive, it wouldn’t be wise to let them get it easy. You should challenge your employee to help them improve their skills and talents. However, don’t make it too difficult because it could exhaust them, which may lead them to become uninterested.

3. Give Them Enough Time to Sleep

It may sound ridiculous but take this seriously. If you are running a business, you should have concern to your employees and give them enough time to sleep. The scenario that follows may sound weird, but this happens in reality.

Some business owners or the companies themselves make their employees work past their normal working hours. Some employees love working overtime, but the productivity suffers. Since they are working past their normal working hours, they will eventually get tired, which results to poor productivity.

4. Avoid Distractions

Are you familiar with the story of Steve Jobs? He was one of the founders of Apple Inc. but because of different distractions that happened in his life, he was fired by the management of the company that he founded himself.

This is not usually the case, but you should be professional enough to handle your own business and leave all distractions outside. It won’t be easy, but at least you should try to leave all worries and distractions behind if you don’t want to waste all your efforts in your business.

Distractions can affect your employees’ productivity. As some say, leader is the head. Thus, if anything happen to the head, the body will follow. If you fail to do your job as a leader, then they might also fall.

5. Ensure Employees Also Love What You Do

We can’t deny that there are different kinds of people with different styles and passion. If you will hire people who will work for you, then you have to make sure that they love working on the industry of business that you have.

Productivity is an essential part of any business because the employees’ passion will affect it. It is common for some workers to be unproductive on something that they don’t love to do. On the contrary, productivity will increase if a person loves what he/she does.

Things can be done without making you feel annoyed because you love doing it. But once you are forced to do things or when you do tasks only because you are paid, you will not exert extra effort to excel. You’re doing it just for money.

This situation could be applied with business owners. You should not hire someone who’s not willing to help you succeed in the business. The company would suffer because of poor quality and poor productivity, thus money would be wasted.


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