7 Items That Should Be in Your Company Christmas Goodie Bags


Gifting your employees, affiliates, or guests with company goodie bags is a perfect way to display your company’s values and offer something meaningful they can take home and talk about. Holidays are a time of giving and an ideal opportunity to show your gratitude and respect to your company’s most valuable asset ⁠— the people who make your company.

To show your appreciation, you can put together a bundle that will make an unforgettable impact on your employees. Below are some items that you should consider including in your company Christmas goodie bags.

1. Handmade Gifts

There are plenty of DIY gifts you can put together to create unique and personalized presents. These handmade gifts are mostly made of ingredients and materials that are cheap and easy to get. Assemble a charming Christmas food jar filled with healthy seeds and nuts, or fill a lovely-looking box of homemade desserts and cookies for your employees to enjoy with their loved ones at home. If you want to create a more personalized gift, consider making coasters with employee names or special messages.

2. Custom Wristbands

Other than being a powerful and inexpensive promotional product, custom-designed silicone wristbands are an ideal fun and flexible gift that anyone can wear around their wrist. Wristbands come in a plethora of colors and several material types, so make sure to consider more options to create a good variety. Also, in order to make wristbands more personalized, you can deboss a number of different messages into them, as well as your company logo.

3. Plants & Grow Kits

A small touch of natural green can be a perfect addition to anyone’s workplace. Include a small, low-maintenance plant into your goodie bag to add a breath of fresh air to everyone’s table and keep everyone happy. Alternatively, you can include a grow-your-own plant kit to encourage workers to be more nature-friendly, especially if your company promotes sustainability.

4. Shopping Gift Cards

Most people spend a lot of time shopping for all kinds of things and gifts during the Christmas Holidays. Enrich your giveaway bag by adding a gift card that’s good for a variety of shopping branches, from food to clothing stores. You may even load the cards with a specific amount of money for your employees to spend on themselves or their loved ones.

5. Portable Powerbanks

Today, most of us own a smartphone. Christmas time can be hectic and if you’re constantly working on the go, you and your workers are bound to experience a shortage of battery life on your phone. Prevent this from happening by adding a branded portable power bank in your corporate goodie bag to make sure your employee’s phone batteries are always fully charged, both for work purposes and personal use.

6. Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

How many times have you taken a plastic bag from the grocery store? Filling up your fridge for Holidays is something everyone does, and plenty of people are still taking plastic bags to carry their groceries home. Christmas can be a time to give something good to our planet. Include eco-friendly shopping tote bags in your company package and make the world a better place, one nature-friendly item at a time.

7. Ambiance Enhancers

Everyone likes the soothing scent or the warm look and feel of scented candles. With the Christmas spirit already being in the air, using several ambiance enhancers can make a dramatic impact on improving the overall smell and feel of your environment. Include aromatic candles, essential oils, or fragrance diffusers into your goodie bags. You may even go for Christmas edition ones that have the wonderful smell of pinecone, cinnamon, or spiced orange.

Make your Christmas goodie bag an unforgettable sign of your gratitude towards employees. The holiday season can be a great opportunity for you to show workers just how much you value their hard work and effort to make your business grow. It’s also a good way of lifting up their spirits and improving their morale, which tends to lead to increased work efficiency, too.

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