5 Marketing Hacks for Start-up Online Businesses


Marketing your products/services is one of the two crucial parts in starting your own online business, since it is where the concrete strategy comes in, particularly in bringing your customers/clients from their preferred products to your brand.

Brand marketing works side by side with service/product development (the other crucial part in online business) to introduce brand content to its target audiences and industries.

To give you some actionable tips on how you can market your start-up business online, here are five marketing hacks that will certainly help you grow your online business.

1. Blog consistently

Blogging is not only a trending topic nowadays but also one of the most effective ways to market your brand in a nonpromotional manner.

You don’t always want to feature your offerings. You can educate people on things that are related to your industry. If you’re working in a shoe company website, you can discuss topics that are related to fashion or corporate jobs. Teach your potential customers on how they can be promoted in their jobs by wearing professional attires.

You also need to schedule publishing dates of your posts.

Be consistent at your writing production since you want your readers to continually follow your blog.

2. Invest in networking with other brands

Networking is a very important activity not only in the offline scene but also in the online space as well.

Brand networking produces partnership with other companies (alliances) and strong connections with social followers and brand evangelists.

Look for online forums, Q & A sites, and Google+ communities, where you can participate in industry-related discussions by answering questions that you know well.

Make it a habit to let your team members engage with staff employees from other companies in order to build alliances.

3. Make your existing clients/customers your future referrers

Getting new leads almost every hour is easy if you’ve taken care of your existing set of clients or customers well.

The reason is that happy customers are always willing to share their brand experiences with their colleagues, friends, and families especially if these people also need the same product or service.

Referrals are one of the best methods to acquire customers who are willing to buy because these individuals already have knowledge on the products/services they want to purchase.

Ensure that the quality of service or the development of product you’re doing right now is excellent because by doing so, hundreds or thousands of customers will start to flow abundantly.

4. Promote the unique value proposition of your brand

Every company has its own value proposition that makes it unique to other businesses.

Identifying the UVP (unique value proposition) of your brands can help you maximize your efforts and minimize costs or expenses caused by over promotion of weak features of your offerings.

Create a list of all the strengths of your brand.

Take actions to make these strengths visible to your site’s contents by hosting inside and outside your platform (e.g., blog posts on other relevant websites).

If you’re selling cleaning products in your local area, determine the unique feature of your product that you think can outperform the features of your competitors’ products. Once you identify the strong feature of your product, blog about it and evangelize it through offline and online discussions.

The unique value proposition of your products or services can help your team become aware on the strengths of your company, which you can focus on to yield results that continue to improve every year.

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5. Understand the pain points of your customers

You don’t want to just get money from your customers. You want to take care of them by understanding their pain points first.

You can determine their problems by creating a survey form and then ask your current customers to give you feedback on your products. You can also identify these problems by letting them answer questions that are related to their current situation or experiences. Then, analyze their answers. Seek for specific solutions that are practical in nature.

Use your resources and the contents (blog posts, videos, images) of your website to target your customers’ pain points and help them solve their issues immediately.


The five marketing hacks mentioned above not only will help your potential customers become aware of your products or services but can also strengthen your branding and increase your presence online.

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