10 Motivational Quotes for Success to Learn from Inspirational People


One of the things on my bucket list is to go to Philadelphia and run up the steps of Philadelphia Museum of Arts at full speed. When I get to the top, I will raise both arms over my head and jump around like I had just beaten Apollo Creed.

Rocky is my all-time favorite film. Thirty-nine years after its initial screening, the movie continues to inspire me; its underdog storyline delivers a knockout punch each and every time.

We may not be professional boxers, but we have had our share of conflicts and battles in the largest arena in the world, the arena of life. We’ve won and lost our fair share of battles, some of which have left us battered, bruised, and even scarred for life.

Although Rocky Balboa is a fictional character, life often imitates art. In real life, we also have people who have overcome the most difficult challenges, the most horrific defeats, and the most wonderful wins!

They are among the most iconic personalities in every generation, but success was never theirs to begin with. They have had to work hard to claim it as their own.

10 Motivational Quotes for Success to Learn from Inspirational People

1. “Success is the ability to walk from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Sir Winston Churchill.

How would you describe the feeling of failure? Can you recall how you felt the last time you experienced a failure of significant magnitude?

The most recent for me was last September. We were in the final stages in our bid to land one of the largest local accounts. All signs pointed to a successful campaign. In fact, our accreditation was accelerated so we could commence operations before December.

However, all that came crashing down in September. We have been working tirelessly on this project since 2014. Then, all nails were jackhammered on the coffin in one single afternoon during a meeting at the lobby of EDSA Shangri-La hotel.

I would describe the feeling as being punched really hard in the gut. I couldn’t breathe and had the feeling of disorientation. The drive home took two hours. It gave me time to digest and reconcile everything that had taken place.

In the end, all the posturing will not lead to anything. When an individual is faced with failure, only two options exist: quit or move on. Quitting is the easier path to take. However, where do you go from there?

On the contrary, moving on is easier said than done. It is difficult to move because your body feels like dead weight. You deal with the emotional burden of packing away dreams and visions of what you hoped would lead to great and good things.

So turn the page and focus on other prospects or build on what you have. The future lies ahead not in the past. Pick yourself up, dust off the remnants of the experience, and continue forward with your journey. This is nothing more than a bump on your road to success!

2. “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney.

Before he brought Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy into our lives, Walt Disney went from one failed episode to another.

His employer fired him for “lack of imagination.” All the businesses he put up were massive failures, which forced him to declare bankruptcy.

Most individuals would have drawn in their curtains, curl up in a fetal position, and wait for the light to turn into night. However, Walt Disney persevered in his dream to build an amusement park where his workers could bring in their families. It would be the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

When Walt was developing his idea for the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, even his own wife and brother discouraged him! Insiders referred to the film as “Disney’s Folly.” When Walt ran out of money, he pursued investors with film clips to prove that his vision was worth their capital.

The rest is history, and the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is regarded as one of the greatest animated masterpieces of all time!

We all have our dreams; these are our goals that we want to achieve. People who believe that the path to achieving their goals is a straight line only deceive themselves.

There is no straight path; the road ahead that lies is fraught with obstacles, and it goes through a winding road with several steep climbs and deep drops. It is riddled with potholes, treacherous curves, and bends.

The weather is not always sunny; it can turn on you and become a torrential downpour. The winds can be strong enough to blow you off course. You may even meet creatures along the way who want to discourage you from going any further.

The key to getting to where you want to go lies in your ability to navigate through these challenges. It takes courage, self-belief, and an unwavering commitment to our dreams to achieve them.

3. “You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” – Michael Jordan.

Who would have thought that the consensus Greatest of All Time was cut from his high school basketball team?

If it happened to Michael Jordan, it could happen to you!

In several interviews, Jordan said getting cut was one of the most painful experiences in his life. However, in his Hall of Fame induction speech in 2009, namely, six years after playing his last NBA game, Jordan thanked the high school coach who cut him in high school.

That painful experience was the turning point in Jordan’s game. It was the impetus that transformed the high school reject into the greatest player the game has ever known.

In a sport where height is might, the 6′6″ Jordan’s game towered over an average 6′9″ NBA player. If it wasn’t for his brief retirement from 1993 to 1995, it was conceivable that Jordan could have broken the all-time scoring record of Wilt Chamberlain, who stood 7′1″!

Jordan didn’t let physical limitations prevent him from achieving his goals. Most importantly, he didn’t let failures and the opinions of other people deter him from improving himself as a player. He used failures and opinions as fuel to feed the fire that burned within him.

That fire is his faith and belief that he is destined for greater things.

We all have that fire, but unfortunately, some of us choose to extinguish it with fear and self-limiting beliefs. Remember that no one, not one incident, or no experience can define you for you who are.

Everyone has a destiny, and destiny leads to great things.

If you want to fulfill your destiny, strip away the cloak of fear and self-limiting beliefs and become who you can truly be.

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