7 Practical Mobile Apps for the Sharp Entrepreneur


Whatever industry you’re in right now, you’ll be surprised how helpful a smartphone or tablet can be to your daily routine. Given the vast market of free apps that you can now download, a well-equipped smartphone can do wonders for your productivity and workflow.

Here, we present a handful of practical apps that can take your mobile experience to the next level, not to mention simplifying a ton of your everyday tasks.

Practical Mobile Apps for Entreprenuers

1. Evernote

What do you get when you combine the versatility of a notebook, the capacity of a file cabinet, and the convenience of an Internet cloud storage? You get Evernote, a cool note-taking app that lets you write, read, and edit all of your notes for your job, school, or personal projects wherever you are. What’s more, Evernote comes with all kinds of add-ons that let you scan receipts, digitize hand-written notes, and clip online articles in a snap.

2. Sunrise

A good calendar app is a must for any smartphone owner, and Sunrise Calendar is arguably one of the very best out there. Sunrise comes with a user-friendly mobile interface and integration with other online calendars, such as Google, Facebook, and iCloud. What’s more, you can also sync it with apps such as Evernote and TripIt and effectively replace your old paper planner for good.

3. Trello

Tired of using the same old to-do list to handle your daily tasks? Trello is a fun task management that takes a visual approach on how you manage your projects. This is a great tool for many offices and lets team members keep up with one another’s activity at a glance. Naturally, you can also use it for personal use, such as assigning family chores or tracking your own passion projects.

4. Dropbox

While Evernote is great for storing your personal notes on the cloud, Dropbox is the go-to service to keep nearly everything else. Back up your photos, videos, documents, and other digital media to the Internet and stop worrying about losing it all in the event your computer crashes. Their free mobile app lets you check the status of your files through your phone as well as share files with your family while keeping these files secure.

5. Expensify

There are tons of spiffy budgeting apps out there, but Expensify is particularly geared toward managing all your work-related finances with ease. With this app, you can track your receipts, credit card transactions, gas mileage, client accounts, and more. Expensify is also great for juggling your personal finances, letting you manage your budget with your bills, groceries, mortgage, or even car insurance prices in mind.

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6. SkyScanner

Need to book a flight at the last minute? Planning your itinerary for your next business trip? SkyScanner lets you pull up available flights to your destination in an instant by comparing flight times and routes across different airlines. Customize your search to find cheaper alternatives, filter direct flights, or include nearby airports in your search.

7. LastPass

Anyone who’s ever applied for anything on the Internet knows too well the hassle of having to keep those user accounts and passwords straight. Luckily, LastPass is a convenient password manager app that solves that problem for you. Instead memorizing all your passwords (or worse, write them all down), LastPass automatically generates secure passwords for you. This can save you a ton of time as far as your accounts for e-mail, online gaming, and others are concerned.

Final thoughts

Although these popular apps are a great starting point for inexperienced smartphone owners, you may find other apps out there that can serve your needs much more efficiently.

Other websites like CNET and Lifehacker offer app reviews that can narrow your search and offer tips to maximize your smartphone’s functionality. What apps do you use?

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