5 Innovative Ways to Promote Your Website Offline


Business promotion in this day and age is largely focused on the mobile and online markets. This is particularly true when it comes to the promotion of websites. And while you’d be silly not to lure your target audience with all the pulling power social media and the web have to offer, remember there are plenty of opportunities to promote your website offline, too!

The best news? Most of them are easy to implement. It’s all about getting your web address or URL visible in as many locations as humanly possible so that as many potential customers can view it as possible!

Here are five innovative ways for you to promote your website offline. Take a look!

1. Company documentation

Print your URL on everything related to your company. We’re talking about every letter you send out – to everybody.

Every staff member’s email signature should contain your web address too, as well as every business card.

Then there’s company newsletters, handouts, brochures and fax cover sheets. Plus invoices, receipts, carrier bags, menus, compliments slips, even envelopes. Bang your URL on everything you can think of!

Importantly, you should also ensure sure every single press release you send out to media contains your web address also, every single time. Journalists are more likely to print a link to your site if they have the details right there at their fingertips at the time their story is due.

2. Promotional items

Make sure to include your URL on every promotional item you order, such as key chains, mugs, and pens. Your web address is more likely to subliminally stick in people’s minds when they can’t help but look at it every day.

3. Staff uniforms

If employees at your business wear uniforms, get your URL printed on them in easy to read, bold lettering. If your staff doesn’t wear uniforms, consider including your web address on their name badges, as well as on in-store signage and, if you have one, at the bottom of every page of your product catalog.

4. Company vehicles

The hour’s motorists spend stuck in traffic simply staring at the vehicle in front of them sure do add up!

If you own company vehicles, it makes sense to have your web address sign written on the back of them in large lettering – what a great mobile advertisement for your business!

5. Postcards

Postcard website announcements are an excellent way to boost traffic to your site, whether it’s brand new, has just been redesigned, or you if you just want to remind folks it’s there.

Design them well, so that when people pick the postcard up out of their mailbox, the features of the site are clearly outlined, along with the URL itself.

Incentivise people to visit your site by offering them a free promotional gift or discount – only available if they visit your site!

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