Top 7 Successful Businesses in the Philippines that Will Inspire You


There are lots of businesses and entrepreneurs in the Philippines however only few simply stand out. These are businesses that every Filipinos know and love.

We know that there’s no shortcut to a business success without determination and hard work. Most of the successful business owners have experienced the worst case scenarios that could happen on a business. Some entrepreneurs came from rags to riches and their stories somehow inspire other entrepreneurs to do business.

Every person has a story, but the story of these successful establishments will surely inspire you. Perhaps, you may want to be like them in the future. Here are the top 7 most successful businesses in the Philippines that will inspire you.

Top 7 Successful Businesses in the Philippines

1. SM

This company owned by Henry Sy is one of the biggest companies in our country. This is a retail center where various brands of clothes, footwear, bags, accessories, toys, gadgets, and other types of products can be found.

The owner of this company has a very inspiring story, considering that he was born to a poor family in China. Many entrepreneurs were inspired by this man and, until now, most entrepreneurs know him.

His family originally had a sari-sari store, but it was burnt down and was looted in the midst of chaos before the war ends. Henry Sy stayed in the country to start a new business while his father headed back to China. He didn’t lost hope despite the pain and hardship brought by the war.

Today, SM is one of the multibillion-dollar businesses and is very popular all around the world. This proves that perseverance, efforts, and passion are few of the most important traits that you must have to be successful.

2. National Book Store, Inc.

National Book Store (NBS) currently has 128 branches all over the Philippines.This number proves that this business is successful. They are widely known especially to students since most of the things that they provide are of their necessity.

What’s good in this company is the story before it came to riches. The person behind the success of NBS is Socorro Cancio-Ramos, a woman who started as a saleslady in another bookstore. When she got married, her family has put up the NBS in Manila.

However, selling books is not very popular during World War II so she decided to sell something other than books. Fortunately, all their stocks were sold during the American era and they have continued to build a small tent to continue their business.

Unfortunately, their small tent was destroyed by a typhoon sooner. But with great perseverance and effort, NBS has reached its place today as one of the greatest and successful companies here in the Philippines.

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