8 Important Money Lessons You Should Have Been Taught in School

There are plenty of things that the standard education system doesn’t really teach that well, and that includes how to manage one’s money. You would think one of the most important things in life that one has to learn should be taught in school from a young age, but too many people end up unable

6 Warning Signs That You’re an Overspender

In a 2015 study of World Bank Group, 64% of Filipino households earning about PHP 50,000 per month say that they don’t have enough money to pay for basic necessities. That is 2% higher compared to households with monthly income of PHP 10,000. Mind-boggled? You’re not the only one. The study pointed out that only

5 Poor Money Management Habits that Filipinos Do

Not all Filipinos have the knowledge and information on how to manage their finances. Thus, I summarized the money management habits I got from my experiences during my financial journey. Not only you but also I was guilty about these poor habits. Good thing I realized them when I was younger, and I was able