Top 10 Home-Based Business Ideas and Opportunities for 2017


7. General Cleaning Services

For sure you’ve noticed gas prices are heading toward 50 Pesos per liter. Petroleum is a main factor of production which means you should expect prices of commodities to rise over the next few months.

The Peso is also rapidly depreciating at nearly 50 Pesos to a US Dollar. As a net importer, the deterioration of the Peso will exert more upward pressure on the prices of commodities.

Thus, more households will remain dual income. Both parents have to continue holding down jobs to pay the bills. They may not have enough resources to pay for household help and time to do the cleaning.

General Cleaning Services is a great business opportunity to earn income and to give dual income families an option to keep their homes clean.

You will need to buy cleaning supplies, equipment and solvents. If you include carpet cleaning, you will have to get a steam cleaner. To bring down costs, you should enter into a supply contract with a reputable supplier of cleaning products.

Give discounts to homes that sign up your services every week. Carpet cleaning can be done every 3 to 6 months. The usual charge averages 25 to 35 Pesos per square meter.

8. Car Repair and Maintenance

It seems the new administration in charge of Metro Manila traffic is leaning toward retaining the number coding scheme. Not only has the number coding scheme been proven to be ineffective in reducing traffic but it is one of the reasons why there are more cars every year.

It’s all about supply and demand. When you curtail the use of a car, it will necessitate buying a new one to ensure the conduct of daily activities remains unhampered. This is why the car is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

It is estimated that by 2020, the number of cars traversing Metro Manila will be 500,000.

As demand goes up, so will car prices. Given the increase in the price of petroleum and the deterioration of the Peso, cars will become more expensive every year. But people will still have to buy them because, in the absence of a comprehensive public transportation program, cars will remain a necessity.

People would rather maintain their cars and have them repaired rather than buy a new one. If you have the skills, the equipment, and the best mechanics, you will easily find customers for your car repair and maintenance services.

9. Computer Repair and Maintenance

Another important item that will be subject to inflationary forces is the computer. Even though mobile gadgets have overtaken the PC as the primary source of online traffic, the desktop still offers great value for life and work.

But it is expensive to keep replacing computers every year. The advantage of the desktop over laptops, notebooks and tablets are you can just upgrade the motherboard, increase the memory and improve other hardware to make it good as new.

Computer Repair and Maintenance will remain a valuable and in-demand service in 2017. You can repair computers at home or conduct in-house repairs for an extra charge.

If you have the experience and the necessary skills, include mobile gadgets in your suite of services.

10. Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Forget what US President-elect Donald J. Trump thinks about global warming. We have been experiencing extreme and unpredictable changes in the weather the last ten years.

While working on this article a few nights ago, the temperature became inexplicably warm. The electric fan was no longer sufficient and in fact, was circulating warm air. I had to open the air-conditioner.

I normally do not open the air-con unless the temperature was unbearable which it was that night. The barometer in the kitchen read 37 degrees! This was at night!

Haven’t you noticed that in the middle of November, the weather continues to remain unusually warm? I believe our summer months will just get warmer and more humid.

Similar to the automobile, the air-conditioner will be declared a “necessity.” Buying a new air-con can be expensive especially if you opt for an Inverter. It would be better to have the unit repaired and serviced every few months.

As a proprietor of air-con repair and maintenance services, you will need good technicians and updated equipment. Make sure your technicians are familiar with different brands and types of air-conditioners.

A home visit for cleaning costs between 500 to 800 Pesos per unit. Repair services could average 1,500 to 3,000 per unit depending on the type of air-con and the extent of the repair. In addition to repair and maintenance, you should offer installation services.

Start Your Home-Based Business in 2017

I’m sure you can think of other ideas or businesses to start in 2017. Whatever it is, take the time to run studies and design a development plan for it. Always keep in mind that money should never be your barometer for success. It is cliché, but it’s worth noting that success does not happen overnight.

Just like a good stew, the best things in life always take time. As long as you remain committed and dedicated to your business idea, you should have a successful year in 2017.

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